Jaljeera in the Summertime!

I have been wanted to work on my recipe for Jaljeera for a very long time now. Jaljeera is a very easy and flavorful drink to make up. I have many great memories of drinking Jaljeera in the summer. Jaljeera is similar to flavored lemonade. So I finally decided to work on the recipe and start formulating the ingredients and measurements for it. I decided my old Jaljeera recipe needed a revamp. So I decided to get inspiration from Google! While researching, I came across a blog for Jaljeera, where Naini Setalvad explains the benefits of all the spices used to make Jaljeera. Check out this interesting article at  http://www.dnaindia.com/health/column_jaljeera-magic_1263764  I thought it was interesting and wanted to share. This article reminded me of my grandmother’s thoughts on why Jaljeera is a great drink to enjoy on hot summer days.

With that said, I am working on finalizing my recipe for Jaljeera! The recipe will be coming soon!

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