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Cooking and Recipes
1. Why don’t any of the recipes have onion or garlic?

This is a personal preference; I was raised in a family that did not eat onion and garlic. This was a common practice for Hindu and Jain families. To this day I don’t enjoy the taste of onion and garlic. I feel their flavor is so strong that other flavors in the dish are lost […]

2. Can I make changes to your recipes?

Feel free to make changes with the ingredients any way you like. You have your own taste and will be more familiar with what you have in your pantry when you are ready to cook. Cooking should be entertaining and making changes is always fun. Different recipes were created by a person like you and […]

3. Butter Paneer Masala

Another frequently asked question is why do I call this recipe Butter Paneer Masala when I don’t use any butter in this recipe. Personally, I call this recipe Paneer Masala. I have had lots of requests for Butter Paneer Masala, so I researched this recipe and discovered that butter isn’t used. My recipe uses yogurt […]

4. Why are my gulab jamuns hard and why do they break when frying

Gulab jamuns are often hard because the dough is not soft enough and are cooked on too high heat. Gulab jamuns should be cooked on low heat. Gulab jamuns will tend to break because of too much baking soda added to the recipe.

5. Why are rasgullas too hard?

6. Why does dosa stick to my skillet (tawa)?

There are a few reasons why this happens:

Kitchenware and Appliances
1. What type of food processor do I use?

I use a food processor made by Kitchen Aid and am extremely happy with it. Investing in a quality food processor is important. My Kitchen Aid food processor has lasted me over 10 years. I highly recommend these:

2. Where can I buy a pizza/baking stone?

I bought my pizza/baking stone on Amazon. You can find pizza/baking stones at any store that specializes in kitchen products, or at Sears, Wal-Mart, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. I recommend this one:

3. What type of pots and pans should I buy?

I like to use heavy pots and pans, which can prevent your food from burning at the bottom of the pan and also allow the food to cook better. Calphalon cookware and Hard-Anodized pans work great. I recommend the following:

1. How to store cilantro (green coriander) for 10 to 12 days?

After much experimentation, I find its better not to wash cilantro until you are ready to use it. Before refrigerating, chop off the heavy steams and remove the leaves that are going bad. Pat dry the cilantro. Wrap the cilantro in the paper towel and store it in a paper bag. I like using brown […]

2. Why do my rotis become hard and dry?

The number one reason why rotis become hard is because after each individual roti is made, they should be covered immediately so the steam keeps the rotis soft. Many people wait until all rotis are made and then cover them. The second reason your rotis may become hard is because the dough is not completely […]

3. How do I freeze the samosa?

Uncooked samosas can be stored in the freezer. Place them in a single layer on a baking sheet and freeze until solid. Then, transfer them to an airtight container or a freezer bag. They can be fried directly from frozen when ready to eat.