My Recipe Process

I started this website because I wanted to share my passion for cooking. Doing these online vegetarian cooking videos aren’t an easy task and they have been a great challenge and learning experience for me. I always did the cooking at home like most of us do – a little of this and little of that. When my husband especially enjoyed a particular dish I made, he asked me “where is the recipe, please write the recipe down.” He would complain because I could seldom duplicate what he liked before. He is the biggest critic of my cooking and a big fan at the same time. Now I wish I had listened to him and written down the recipes! It is a challenge to write and test these recipes but I love every minute. I have to cook each of them several times. I want to make sure when you cook using these recipes that your efforts will not be wasted.

When you have any questions about a recipe I will try my best to answer them, so in a way we are learning together.

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18 thoughts on “My Recipe Process

  1. Hello Manjula,

    I’m so so grateful to you and your website. I have never been a very good cook, until i found your website. 🙂 Thanks to you, Indian dishes are my absolute favorite to eat and make. My family is learning the different flavors and enjoying every bite. Your recipes taste like the wonderful dishes the authentic Indian restaurants in town make. I just wanted to thank you. Thank you so much.


  2. Dear Aunty you have done a great favor in making this site! I can see that you have put alot of effort into this, and I can also see that you have helped many with your hard work. The layout of this site is also very convinient and easy to search, and the videos are a BIG help! I always visit this site whenever I want a veg recipe.
    Thank you very much! Look forward to having more recipes on here 🙂
    Best Wishes.

  3. Dear Manjula aunty,
    I have tried many recipes of your and most of them have come out great. Whenever I get an enthu to cook something new, I log on to your website to get my inspiration. I love to cook and your recipes have made me a good cook. I know its takes lots of effort to do what you are doing. Our best wishes are with you and your efforts are greatly appreciated. I’ve given your website address to many of my friends and family. I am in the US and its a big help to see the videos and make all the awesome food we grew up on but want to make it for our kids.

    Thanks a ton & regards

  4. Dear Manjula Auntie,
    You are awesome!!! Everybody gives me a lot of compliments that I am a good cook but hats off to you. I learn so much from your videos and especially your motherly touch to all your cooking is very inspiring for young beginners as well as advanced cooks.
    Our sincere thanks to you doing such a wonderful job.
    God Bless you and your all loved ones.

  5. Hi dearest aunti Manju
    I am a pakistani living in kuwait and enjoy anything and every thing about cooking. I just want to thank you for your sincere effort and pray for you cuz only god can pay you for this good work that u r doing; teaching others the knowlege u have so every body can benefit from ur excellent expertise. I really cant thank you enough cuz no word can give u the praise and thanks that u deserve, i havent tried ur recipes yetn but i know that they r excellent cuz i think of you as a mother figure to meand i am sure that ur food is as good as a mother’s food like my beloved mother may god give her long life and i just want to say my love to you and wish u a long healthy life.

  6. Hi Manjula ,
    I really wanted to thank you for the videos you have posted. They are very helpful to people like me who know how to cook but always need revision before cooking something fancy. Today i saw your kachori video and am so excited that I am going to make them myself today 🙂 .
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  7. Manjula,

    Thank you so much for the site and all the wonderful video. I have worked in video productions so I understand it takes a lot of time and energy to do what you have done for us. I’m from the states with a Scottish farm family background, the only spice we used at home was salt and black pepper. Needless to say when I started dating my boyfriend Surya, I had never tasted Indian food or tried to cook it. I’m able to fallow a recipe but it’s wonderful to see how things are done and the finial product. Since his mom is not here to teach me how to do the cooking for him. He calls you my computer cooking mom. He loves my Indian cooking now and does not ask for pizza for every meal.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work.
    Melissa and Surya

  8. Sat Sri Akal aunty,i love watching ur show and ur recipes.i think its most enjoyable and easy from all video i’ve ever seen.i learn to make a dough of roti from ur video,it comes out excellent.Firstly i made but it came out a bit hard, after watching ur video,it comes out very soft.If I don’t see ur video or u didn’t record it then i couldn’t know the tips of soft dough.
    Once me and my mom-in-law watched ur besan puda.she loves a lot.i hope i can learn more recipes from ur video.Thank you u as well for devoting times for us and for making these recipes ,website possible.Thank You

  9. Manjula ji,

    Thanks a ton for all your wonderful recipes. I truly appreciate the fact that you are trying to translate years of your learning and hard work into easy recipes that novices like us can use. The best part is that you always seem to enjoy the process so much.
    I started cooking about 4 years ago, after I got married. Over the years I have realized how much of a joy it is to experiment with different recipes, try new things, and most importantly get compliments for one’s efforts. In fact, cooking has been my biggest savior during times of boredom.
    Any time I want to try something new, I usually check your website, and look for new and interesting recipes. Thank you soo much for all your efforts, and for the efforts of whoever makes the videos (which I assume is one of your family members). Awaiting more of your yummy recipes.

  10. Manjula,

    I also wanted to say thank you for this website. Over the summer I visited India for a few months, and absolutely loved the food. Since returning home I’ve been trying to learn how to cook Indian food at home, and your website–especially the videos–has been a great resource! Thanks for all your hard work. =)


  11. Hi Manjula,
    I love your recipes! My husband and I love watching your shows together – they are so easy to follow and you don’t make things look too difficult. But I know that (especially with things like handling and rolling out pastry) it takes years of practice to get the right touch. I hope I will be watching your show for many years to come until I am as good a cook as you!
    I am so glad you have started writing a blog. It is lovely to hear about the Hindu traditions and holidays relating to the yummy food you make.
    THANK YOU so much for all your hard work – your videos are a joy to watch. We live in the UK but I think you are an inspiration to cooks all over the world!
    When will you write a recipe book I wonder??
    Melissa xxx

  12. Dear Aunti,
    I have been following ur recipes for about a year now. I had just got married and had come to US and this was the best way for me to learn cooking. Though i knew some amount of cooking, after seeing ur videos i have become more confident and innovative in cooking. Also i have now started understanding how much quantity to make in case guests came.

  13. Dear Aunti,
    I saw your you tube videos yesterday. Haven’t seen anything simpler for cooking ever. Wonderful job. You not only have done a good presentation but I am sure whoever is watching your cooking video , are learning like me.
    My husband adors my cooking and one time my 4 year old son said “you are the best cook”. But I can not do fancy cooking. I am learning and want to make healthy and good food all the time. I love paneer and my family loves it too. Thats where I found your Rasgulla and Ras malai videos.
    I am a big fan of yours now….
    Will keep visiting your websites.

  14. Hi aunty. Congratulations on your new blog! I’ve been following your website very regularly, but haven’t commented 🙂 I love your videos, and you’ve inspired me to make jalebis at home (after viewing your youtube video). I’m making your version of mattar paneer tonghit (my own never turns out just right). Thanks for all the really useful info and recipes!
    good luck, Medha

  15. Auntyji, I completely agree with you. My family members are my biggest critics and fans as well. I never write down recipes, I create and then I forget!
    I think perhaps it would be a good idea to write things down, but, I feel it ruins the creation process! Also, with Indian cooking it’s really difficult to do this, as we Indian cooks know, it’s all about a pinch of this or that, translating this method to weights and measures is not easy. This is why it’s wonderful to watch people cook, I find it’s the best way to learn. Your videos are so fantastic, and you really offer people such a treasure!

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