Family Dinner With Mexican Cuisine

Family Mexican Dinner

Last night was our weekly family dinner night! Hosting a family dinner has been a little challenging as my husband has started a gluten-free diet and my older son is vegan. Then there’s the challenge of making something my grand-kids enjoy too!  After some thought I decided that Mexican cuisine would be the perfect solution!

My menu was:

  • Chips and salsa
  • Guacamole
  • Bean Tostadas
  • Enchiladas
  • Mexican rice

I used corn tostadas which have no wheat.  My son can eat everything without cheese. For dessert, I served everyone’s favorite – ice cream! After dinner we played some board games. What a perfect way to celebrate the end of the week!

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24 thoughts on “Family Dinner With Mexican Cuisine

  1. Manjula I like the idea for mexican cuisine for the dinner as I am Indian and I would like to make experiment with my dishes.I am amazed by your idea of using mexican cuisine. Pls share the recipe as soon as possible so that I can also make try on it.

  2. Manjula,I just watch ur recipiies,as I love to eat vegetabels,I like them and try it,I don,t like garam masalah so I don’t use it ur recipiies r wonderful thank u for sharing

  3. Hi mam, all your recepie are very good and I tried many of them and resulted in yummy . Thank you so much mam. Pls do share your Mexican receipe too…. Im very eager to try that too.

  4. Dear Manjula Aunti, All your receipes are too good and yummy have tried so many of them and they all turn out to be extremely delishes . Request you to kindly share the receipes of the Mexican family food menu you have listed here would love to try

  5. Dear Manjula,
    I am Manjulo, my mother named me after you because she admires your kitchen soon much. So whenever she talk to me she says, “You need to grow up to be as great as My amazing Manjula. So, I have chosen you as my role model. You are amazing keep up the Great work!:)

  6. Dear Manjula,
    I am a young Italian woman who likes to cook. Every recipe I’ve tried on your site so far was very good. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with the world, I will try to find tasty Italian vegetarian recipes with no garlic or onions (this is the hard part, we love them!) to repay you a little. There is one called “farinata” which is a sort of chickpea soft focaccia/omelette, it’s excellent but you need a special pan to bake it, and you also need good quality olive oil otherwise it won’t be nearly as good. But I’ll see if I can make it on a pizza tray or similar.
    Blessings to you and your family, I bet they enjoyed this Mexican dinner very much!

  7. dearest manjula: this mexican dinner came as a shock to me! i thought you had gone bonkers! then i read on…looks delish! by the way, december marks fifty years vegan for me. so i feel for you. i have been cooking with you and your videos/recipes for quite some time. generally, the recipes are completely vegan; at times the desserts are dairy, so i cannot use them. i actually substiture milk ingredients with non dairy substitutes; for the eggs, i use flaxseeds.

    thanks for all the delicious pleasures you have provided everyone who visits your site or subscribes to the newsletter. good luck with the family.

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