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Manjula Jain discovered her passion for cooking early on, learning to enhance the natural flavors of vegetables, grains, and lentils with a few carefully chosen spices. After moving to the U.S. from India in the late 1960s, she maintained her vegetarian lifestyle rooted in Jain principles of non-violence and the mantra ‘live and let live.’

Today, Manjula is committed to sharing her love of this lifestyle through simple, flavorful recipes that celebrate the vibrant world of vegetarian cuisine.

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The story behind Manjula’s Kitchen
Dec 2006
Dec 2006

First YouTube Video

With Alex's tech know-how, we made my first YouTube video about the popular Indian dessert, "Gulab Jamun." We knew a recipe is more than just ingredients and steps, so we added tips and variations. After finishing and editing the video in one evening, we uploaded it to YouTube. Editing the video to meet YouTube's rules while ensuring the recipe was clear was tough! Alex showed his editing skills, impressing me. The next morning, seeing our work on the computer screen left me in awe. I realized the potential to reach many viewers with a simple YouTube video.

Sharing Memories

The video was a hit! Hundreds of views poured in from around the globe, along with a flood of positive comments. Excitedly, we invited my family over for breakfast to share the news. Having extended family nearby, just minutes away, is truly a blessing in moments like these.

Help from Family

Never did I imagine sharing my recipes worldwide. As an untrained chef, the success of our first video made me feel like I had stumbled upon something special. My daughter-in-law, Joy, suggested I create simple recipes for new cooks, with precise, easy-to-follow directions and exact measurements. She emphasized trying each recipe myself to ensure perfection. She also encouraged me to explore fusion dishes, blending elements from different cuisines.

March 2009
March 2009

Thanks to my Viewers

After creating over 40 videos, viewers suggested I launch a website featuring my vegan-friendly Indian cuisine recipes—appetizing appetizers, mouthwatering desserts, and healthy vegetable-based dishes, including indulgent dal and lentil protein dishes. With the encouragement of my computer-savvy nephew, we found a talented designer, Sateesh, who crafted my website beautifully. He continues to run it to this day. Gratitude to my viewers for this brilliant idea!

Dec 2009
Dec 2009

Email From Youtube

Receiving that email from YouTube was like a bolt from the blue. They offered a partnership, paying based on views. Though clueless about the process, we dove in, seeing only win-win potential. When we became official partners, seeing that first paycheck was pure elation. It wasn't just about the money; it was about achieving what I never thought possible. Being paid for my passion? Unbelievable!