3 thoughts on “Paneer Stuffed Bun

  1. Hi, thanks so much for sharing recipe in step by step detail. I had some mushroom filling already made, used the outer covering recipe. Turned out really well. This will be my go to outer covering recipe.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!
    I tried it out once. It was yummy. Specially the buns. They were perfect! I use the Bread bun recipe regularly. By far I must have made them only 4 or 5 times; twice with stuffing, with missal pav, and with pav bhaji. My husband usually doesn’t like store bought bread, but he loved these hot breads fresh out of the oven.
    I also don’t like the store bought pizza crust. (Then have a certain kind of stink)… But next I am thinking of making pizza crust from the above bread recipe. Any tips?

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