Namak Paare

Namak Paare Recipe by Manjula

Namak paare

Namak paare is pastry like crunchy snack lightly seasoned with carom seed. This is great snack with cup of tea. I like them with spiced mango or lemon pickle.
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Course Appetizer, Snack
Cuisine Indian
Servings 4 people


  • ½ cup All purpose flour plain flour or maida
  • ½ cup whole wheat flour
  • 2 Tbsp Sooji fine semolina flour
  • ¾ tsp Salt
  • ¼ tsp Carom seeds ajwain
  • 2 Tbsp oil
  • cup water adjust as needed
  • Oil to fry


  • Mix flour, sooji, salt, carom seeds, and oil, and mix it with fingertips to get consistency of breadcrumb.
  • Add water as needed to make firm but smooth dough. Cover with damp cloth and set aside at least for ten minutes.
  • Knead the dough for another minute and divide in two equal parts.
  • Take each part of the dough and make a flat ball shape. Roll them into 9-inch circles and thickness of salted crackers.
  • Prick them with a fork all over the rolled dough, so the paras do not puff when frying.
  • Cut each of the rolled dough into about half inch wide and 2 inch long pieces. Note: you can cut them in your desire shape.
  • Heat the oil in a frying pan on medium heat.
  • The frying pan should have at least 1 ½ inch of oil. To check if the oil is ready, put a small piece of dough in the oil. The dough should make the oil sizzle and come up slowly.
  • Make sure to place just enough namak paras so you can turn them over easily when frying. Fry the namak paras until both sides are light golden-brown.
  • After namak paras come to room temperature they should become crisp.


  • Namak paras can be stored for one month in airtight containers.
  • If the Namak paras are cooked on high heat, they will be soft.
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44 thoughts on “Namak Paare

  1. Hi Aunty
    My namak paarras came out tasty but soft and limp, even though i did not put them in a closed container till they were at room temperature.where do you think i went weong?

  2. hello manjula
    I have one query whenever i tried to make namak pare after some time it becomes soft, not crispy and hard like market namak pare.
    what is the wrong i have done?

  3. Hi, ManjulaBahen I have tried your namak pare few times and they turned out really good. My grand kids love it. I have tried few other receipes like Dhokla and few others, they were also good. Thanks , keep up the good work.

  4. Can u give me the recipe how to fry moong dhal which is a bit salty n crispy, v usually hv it with our drinks.

    In India stores sell (pika biscuits) unsalted biscuits. They r abt 1-1/2″ long, I’m not sure his they make it n they r very light.

    Thank you,

  5. Dear Manjula,

    I am trying the Namak parrey but they are turning out bit hard,any suggestions on where I may be going wrong?

    Thanks for the recipes , I am a big fan of yours!

  6. Hi
    Im 24yrs old.n married 3 month back.didnt know ur recipes help ame lot.i tried ur potato panner tops recipe but not able to make it. Dont know whatsoever wrong with it. Please help me 4the same

  7. Hello Manjula,
    Thank you again for yet another wonderful recipe, these were so tasty they were hard to stop munching on them! (I tried the using all purpose flour method and it came out great).
    I was curious if it would be possable to bake these instead of deep frying them to make them a bit healthier?

  8. Hello Manjula Auntyji,
    I enjoy making your recipies u make it so easy. Can we add kasuri methi to namak para and if we add kasuri methi do we have to add ajwain. Kindly pls reply.
    I love your website.
    Thank you so much for all your recipes.

  9. Hello Auntyji…..i’ve been a frequent visitor of your kitchen. but started trying your recipes recently. Tried namak para ,
    shakkar para nd parattas, all came out well.

  10. Very good recipe. I have never alter any thing.Perfect measurements .In this week i made 5 times namak parey and my kids wants more all the time.i am very happy with all recipes. i want to try ladoo….lets see how it will turn????? Any suggestions?????

  11. Hi Auntyji,
    When we knead the dough for the second time while kneading should our hands become a little oily or remain dry (maybe to check the oil content of the dough).

  12. HI, AUNTY

  13. Hello Manjulaji,
    Is it possible to make the namak paaras by baking them instead of frying?
    I just finished making parathas using your recipe – they are delicious!
    Thank you,

  14. Hello Auntyji,
    Your food items are looking good and tast is also good because we are making them, we want some help from you ,we want to know about fine save.

    thankyou very much

  15. Hello Auntyji,

    I tried these namak pare and they came out well. I added some coriander leaves while making the dough just for flavor.
    when i ate the pare, it made me very thirsty. Like, they were little dry though very tasty. Is it how it is supposed to be?
    As you said, it was a great snack for tea. but to eat otherwise, it is dry. Is there any mistake i could have or is pare like that?
    Thanks in advance.

  16. Namastey Manjula Aunty,

    I want to thank you for being my guide in my journey to being a good cook since last year when I got married and moved to UK to join my Husband.

    I am very obliged to you as now I can cook almost anything with the help of your recipes and video demo. Especially because they do not contain garlic and onion. Life has been very easy and I can arrange parties at my home because of your website. It’s like an on-line Cookery course which gives the certificate of everyone’s appreciation when they eat these moutwatering dishes.

    You are just like a loving Mother teaching countless daughters the secrets of cooking and winning Hearts.


  17. Your recipe for namak paare is very good, it seems that you are a wonderful cook, keep trying new dishes and keep sharing your experiences with us.
    thank you for an amazing recipe.

  18. Hello Auntyji
    Just made these namak paaras couple of days ago….they came out extremely good….my kids enjoyed them a lot….the only thing I did different is I cut them into diamond shapes….aunty can you please tell me how to turn the same recipe into saakar paara ??? Do i use jaggery or sugar and how much of either would I use…..thanks again

    1. hi nikki
      u can make shakar paare like this
      2 cup maida 2tbsp ghee mix very well to bind if req add little more ghee .to check if more ghee is require or not take the dough in ur hand n make like muthiya in between ur fingers n palm it should bind n little n does not scrumble .then add little water to make very tight dough then roll like chapati very thick more than 1/4 inch then cut 1/2 inch stips n further cut into fingers or squares n deep fry on medium flame then make sugar syrup with 1 cup sugar n 1 cup water of 1 thread n dip pare in it n dip for some time n also check that they do not stick to each other than take out n dry in fan for some time than let it cool itself n store

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