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  1. Hi,
    Kathi rolls are one of my favorites, and this is a bit different from how i have been making it. Looks very tempting, will give it a try.

    I also had a question for you, i usually make these for small get togethers, do you have any ideas on how you can make them before hand and keep them warm? Do you think keep warm setting in the over would work or would it make it dry ? Any ideas?


  2. I tried this recipe last night and it turned out awesome! everybody loved it including my inlaws. I didn’t fry it though in the end to just keep it less calorie but it still tasted really good. Thanks Aunty for sharing all these awesome recipes!

  3. Adam,
    Were you just trying to brag or were you trying to make Vinitha feel bad?
    Guess what – she has an “emphisis” on Indian cuisine as well – She’s Indian and has grown up cooking this way all her life. Just because you are a culinary professor – you don’t have to come here and make useless comments like you just did. Your comment wasn’t constructive and you came off a little pompous snobby chef having to state his qualifications. So what that you are a professor with an emphasis on Indian cuisine. Most of us who are on this site and respond on a regular basis have been here for quite some time and we don’t feel the need to leave remarks like that.
    I absolutely don’t see why it was necessary to leave the comment you did. If you’d like to stay on this site, you might do well to have some polite manners .

    1. Adam, this kind of a “kathi” roll is quite common in India. I don’t see anything wrong with the ingredients and they are authentic. I think this should taste good.

      Kathi rolls may not be “sophisticated” enough to make it onto culinary curriculum, but they are part of a large group of snacks/vendor foods within India.

    2. Adam
      This is one of the most easiest recipes in India. if you are a professor on indian cuisine, how come you don’t know.

      Now try making kashmiri dum aloo. That is tough work(for you).

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