12 thoughts on “Delightful Bread Swirls

  1. Halo Aunty,

    This recipe looks so good. I would like to try this recipe.Can you please upload the video for this recipe?? I want to know how to roll the bread with the stuffs with rolling pin. Please upload video.

    1. That recipe is indeed by Srinivas Vishwanatham’s wife. His wife (Satyasree Nivas) took part in one of the monthly contests. The recipe on this website is listed as a user-submitted recipe.

  2. Vow the swirls seem to be wonderful dish it is really creative & mouth-licking dish. Actually I would say it was really deserving dish for the first prize. And I do agree with UmaRaghuji for a video demo from MANJULA AUNTY. THANX for your site Aunty.

  3. Seems to be nice one. But it would be nice if there is a video demo to show the preparation of BREAD SHEET & BREAD SWIRLS, so that we can make it w/o mistakes. Manjula Aunty can you do this recipe for us…..

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