Mexican Refried Beans and Salsa

Mexican Refried Beans and Salsa

Mexican Refried Beans and Salsa

My ultimate favorite cuisine is of course Indian. But I must say that Mexican and Italian cuisines are close seconds! Overall, I enjoy trying new cuisines with a variety of flavors. After coming to the United States, Mexican cuisine was the first new cuisine I tried. As you already know, I have a story behind every dish.
It was many years ago and we had just come to the United States. Some good friends of ours decided to take us to a small mom and pop Mexican restaurant. They were sure we would enjoy the food. I was a little hesitant and when the server came to take our order, I immediately began to tell her all of my limitations for food, such as no onions, garlic, and of course vegetarian. She smiled at me and proudly let me know she was the owner of the restaurant. She reassured me that I had come to the right restaurant and advised that all the food at her restaurant was made fresh that very day. She personally brought out our food which included refried beans, soft tortillas, salsa, enchiladas, and salad. I tried the food and immediately fell in love. Mexican cuisine had become another favorite cuisine, and this restaurant became our go-to place for dinner. Both dishes are also vegan and gluten free.
I typically keep beans and salsa in my refrigerator or freezer. Both items freeze well. Also, you can come up with so many dishes using them. These are some of my favorite dishes to serve using refried beans and salsa: beans and corn chips, tostadas, burritos, and enchiladas. I hope you will enjoy these dishes!
This recipe will serve 4.
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Refried Beans

  • 1 cup pinto beans
  • 3 Tbsp oil
  • ½ cup tomatoes finely chopped
  • 1 tsp ginger shredded
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 cup of water


  • 5 Roma tomatoes
  • 3 Jalapeno pepper
  • 6 red whole red chili
  • 1 tsp salt
  • ¼ cup cilantro finely chopped


How to prepare Beans

  • soak the beans for at least 6 hours in six cups of water. Drain the water boiled the beans in 3 cups of water instant pot or pressure cooker for 40 minutes. Drain most of the water and save, this will be used slowly as needed.
  • In a saucepan moderately heat the oil over medium-high heat. Add beans keep steering and keep mashing the beans. Cook for about 5 minutes. Add tomatoes, ginger and salt keep mashing, and cook for another five minutes. Add water we have saved from beans slowly as needed. As beans cool off will become thick. I used most of the water, we saved from beans. Beans should be the inconsistency of thick batter.

How to prepare Salsa

  • dry roast the red chilies over medium heat, till they are darker in color. Remove from the pan and set aside.
  • Preheat the oven at 350-degree F. Half the tomatoes and jalapeno peppers long way. Spread them over the baking sheet, Put the tomatoes and jalapeno face down, and bake for 10 minutes.
  • Take out from the oven and remove the skin from tomatoes and jalapenos.
  • First in a food processor crush red chilies, then add tomatoes, jalapeno, and salt roughly blend them together, take it out in a bowl and add cilantro. Salsa is ready and keeps aside.
  • Beans and salsa make a good side dish for any Mexican cuisine.
  • Enjoy!
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4 thoughts on “Mexican Refried Beans and Salsa

  1. Thank you so much, I have tried making no onion-no garlic refried beans but they didn’t satisfy me. I didn’t think of using ginger since it’s not the most common ingredient in Mexican cuisine, but it should go well.
    For the salsa: can I use green peppers instead of jalapenos and reduce the number of dried chilies? My doctor told me I should limit onion, garlic, chilies and black pepper.
    As for a no-onion no-garlic diet, I have tried an Italian soffritto with carrot, celery and fennel bulb instead of onion with a red sauce and it went well. Sometimes I add some asafoetida, both fennel and asafoetida are part of the same family and they work well together.

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