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Aloo Gobi (Potato & Cauliflower)

Aloo Gobi (Potato & Cauliflower)

Aloo Gobi – Potatoes With Cauliflower

Aloo Gobi is a delicious main dish made with potatoes, cauliflower, and a great blend of spices. Aloo Gobi can be served with various breads, such as rotis, parathas, and puris.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Indian
Servings 2 people


  • 2 cups cauliflower, cut into small florets
  • 2 medium potatoes, cubed into bite sized pieces
  • 1/2 inch shredded ginger
  • 3 tsp coriander powder dhania
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric haldi
  • 1/4 tsp red chili powder
  • 3 tbsp water
  • 3 tbsp oil
  • 1/8 tsp asafetida hing
  • 1/2 tsp cumin seeds jeera
  • 2 green chilies, sliced in long pieces
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp mango powder amchoor
  • 2 tbsp chopped cilantro hara dhania

1/4 cup water use as needed


    • In a small bowl, mix the shredded ginger, coriander powder, cayenne pepper, turmeric, and 3 tablespoons of water to make a paste.
    • Heat the oil in a pan. Test the heat by adding one cumin seed to the oil; if seed crack right away oil is ready. Add hing and cumin seeds to the oil after seeds crack add the bay leaves and green chilies and stir for a few seconds.
    • Next, add the spice paste and stir for a minute until spices start leaving the oil.
    • Add cauliflower, potatoes, 2 tablespoons of water and salt. Mix well. Cover the pan and let it cook on medium heat for about 15 to 20 minutes until the vegetables are tender. Make sure to stir gently every 3 to 4 minutes.
    • Lastly, add the mango powder and fresh cilantro (green coriander). Mix everything and cover for a minute. Adjust the salt to your taste.


    Add some green peas and/or sliced red bell peppers. The red bell peppers should be added at the end of the recipe as they cook quickly.
    Making a paste with the spices will prevent the spices from burning.
    Serve with Paratha, Puri 
    Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

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    251 thoughts on “Aloo Gobi (Potato & Cauliflower)

    1. Why do my cauliflowers always become soft? I want to keep them crunchy like in restaurants. But even if i dont add water they end up becoming very soft. Where am i going wrong?

    2. Very nice; I made it only with cauliflower because I had one to cook one way or another and no potatoes and it turned out well. Peas would also go well with this.

    3. This is a very good recipe, cooked it for my dad and he loved it. I added carrot and frozen green peas 🙂 oil can be cut down though, I used about one and a half to two tablespoons. We also don’t like it so spicy, so I only used 3/4 of one green chili.

      Your recipes are very good, Manjula. Also tried the baingan bharta, love that one very much.

    4. Ahh! I’ve had Aloo Gobi in restaurants so many times and always thought it was plain. Your recipe knocks it out of the park! This is now one of my favourite vegetarian dishes. Thank you 😀

    5. I followed the recipe completely and it came out really well. Thanks Auntie for the simple recipe!
      I have been following your blog for a while and I really love how simple your recipes are.

    6. Manjula,
      This is one of my favorite recipes to cook! Thank you so much for all of your recipes, I have renjoyed every dish I made and look forward to trying new ones. I love your cooking videos as well! Thank you for sharing and all of the time and effort you put into this site!

    7. I’ve been looking for a great gluten-free recipe for Aloo Gobi and this is the best one I’ve tried. Really delicious. I don’t eat potatoes but it’s totally yummy if you swap then out with sweet potatoes – there’s never any left-overs in my house!

    8. Thank u so much Ms. Manjula u r such a help for all of us.. ur description r so clear dat even starters also doesn’t commit any mistake.. keep up the good work. teach us more n more. waiting for ur new posts.

    9. Hello Manjula. Thank you for your recipies. I enjoy cooking Indian food and since i have watched your videos my Indian cooking really improved. One question though: your bay leaves look as if they were fresh, is it possible to use dried ones aswell? Thank you for your homepage and I hope you continue enlightening my kitchen =) best wishes from Germany

    10. Manjula ji,

      You have my sincere gratitude for having created such a variety of recipes at this website. I had gotten tired of my regular onion tadka aloo gobhi and decided to give your recipe a try. It has been a huge success! My daughter came into kitchen asking, “What smells so good?” For a busy mom like me, it’s so helpful to have these recipes which are easy on time and BIG on flavor!

      Thank you,


    11. Dear Aunty Manjula, You have done a wonderful job putting these recipes together. They have helped countless desis like myself who live in Indian transplanted communities and have lost touch with their traditional dishes.

      Congratulations and keep up the great work.

      Many thanks for your service.

    12. This recipe is soooooo delicious. It’s the first one from your website I’ve made, but it makes me see how it’s possible to become a vegetarian. Can’t wait to try more. I made this recipe 3 times this week because my husband and daughter love it. Much gratitude. Love the video.

    13. Just starting to make this variant of the famous dish. (Followed several other recipes before.)

      Manjula does not seem to tell when hing (my favourite spice!) is to be added, but it is best to do it when the cumin seeds are done: it can take only some 10 seconds of heat, but needs it.

      I have to use red chili as here in Finland green chilies are difficult to get. I also substitute the cayenne with fresh red chilies for the paste.

      Can’t wait to taste…

    14. This is a good recipe. I would alter one thing based on my experience and I am by no means very experienced. The potatoes can be stir fried as can the cauliflower, separately, the paste divided proportionately, but lightly brown potatoes first, then at the end mix it all together so that the different rates of cooking don’t mush up the cauliflower, but leave the potatoes limp. And the whole dish should be stir fried more than covered and stewed. Then you get more distinctiveness in flavor. Just my guess to you, Manjula, keeper of a WONDERFUL website.

    15. Manjula, How can I thank you enough! I love this recipe as well as the Aloo Baingan & Palak Paneer. Your teaching videos are great!Thank you so much for sharing your gift of Indian cooking. Can’t wait to try more of your recipes!

    16. Dear Manjula,
      Your cooking show is so delightful! Way out here in Wyoming it is a little hard to find a few of the ingedients, but I do my best and my husband and son love the results! Thank you so much for your wonderful videos and recipes!

    17. dear aunty, your recipes are wonderful. Your weekly menu is excellent. I am a working lady and the planner with recipes really is very helpful . please provide some more planners

    18. I’ve made this dish dozens and dozens of times over the last several years, and I have gotten nothing but compliments on it. Everytime I get a compliment on one of your recipes I tell them to google Manjula, the indian food saint of the internet!!!

    19. I am eating this as I type … wonderful!!! This is the first time I used this recipe for aloo gobi, and it is MUCH better than the recipe I had been using. Absolutely delicious! Thank you so much Auntie 🙂 🙂 🙂

    20. Came out great – first I saw this on youtube – then came to your website. The time for cooking was longer than suggested but taste was amazing. Thanks very much. I will look at other recipes as well.

    21. Thank you so much for this great recipe. I have gone vegan 6 weeks ago and was struggling to find recipes. I live in Germany and our cooking here is all meat and dairy. So when you go vegan first thing you try is to recreate german cooking with costly and bad tasting meat replacements. Your recipe was easy and delicious and cheap (even though i couldn’t find asfoetida and mango powder here – added some apple sauce instead of the mango).

      1. Berliner, if you don’t have mango powder, just use 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Mango powder is used to give a little touch of tartness and lemon juice (in a small amount) is commonly used in India. It’s personal choice to use mango powder or lemon juice. Don’t use applesauce. Jaya

    22. Thank you, Manjula, for your recipes! I really enjoy watching your videos. I think making the paste will be very helpful (although I’m fairly certain my version will have to leave out the entire line of peppers). :- )

    23. Hello Manjula,

      Your website was recommended to me by my brother. For a novice like me, it’s a real help.
      I tried the aloo gobi and it was an instant hit with my husband.
      By the way, I tried the bhindi sabji as well and my two year old loved it. Thanks!

      Best Wishes,

    24. Hi Manjula,

      I really liked the way you mixed all the spices ahead to avoid getting them burnt. I’ve always had trouble figuring this one out but now you taught me the right principle.

      Thanks a lot for your candidness in the video too. I thoroughly enjoyed your expert hands at it and the outcome on my own.


    25. Hi Manjula!
      You are my favorite cook ever. I have made so many of your recipes, and they always come out great. Thank you for sharing all your secrets and tips with us. You are the best

    26. Hi Manjula,

      I was searching for methi leaves recipe and found your site. To be very frank, the name made me click the link 🙂

      I made methi theplas, they were delicious! After that I saw a lot more recipes….
      I learnt how simple spices, less oil can make the food so tasty!
      The way you explain is so simple and gives a homely feeling.

      Your videos are a great inspiration!You add not just the spices in your recipes but loads of love into it!

      Best Wishes!

    27. Hi Manjula,

      I love your recipes. I had always had aloo gobi at restaurants but it is usually greasy. I made your recipe and it was delicious. My husband loved and and wants this now to become one of our weekly dishes. Thanks you so much for sharing your talent and knowledge!

    28. Hello,
      I love indian food bu till now i eat it only in restaurants.
      About week ago i was serching for recipe for Aloo Gobi and i watched your you tube video.
      Tank you for showing delicious Indian recepis, Your great. I will Cook some of your dishes for sure.
      All the best, Greetings.

    29. Hello Aunty,
      I dont eat potatoes.So can I substitute it with raw banana for this receipe.If yes then how many raw bananas should be used ( big or small ) ?
      Thanks in advance for your help


    30. I love your recipes and videos. I noticed that you use hing alot. When I went to the local indian store, the have 2 types, white and yellow. Whick one do you use? What are the differences?
      Thank you so much.

    31. Dear Manjula
      For a long time I wondered what was a delicious dish I had when I visited Amma during her visit to Europe. I started watching your apple crisp – that I just finished baking – and couldn’t stop watching your videos, and… voila! I saw this Aloo Goobi; that was it!! I can’t wait to try it… Let’s see if I can find mango powder – the rest I have it all. Thank you for your recipes and love. Blessings from Amsterdam

    32. Thank you for this delicious recipe. This is the first recipe of yours that I’ve tried and it was fantastic and so easy to prepare. Your videos are also very helpful. I look forward to trying more of your recipes. Namaste

    33. Hi sister Manjulaji
      Yhank you very much for you nice and great recipes.Almost all of my recipes come from you. It is helping me a lot.Surprisingly I learned cooking pretty soon and my husband children they love it.But I have a problem sister, we live in Indonesia and we never know what is bay leave and Hing.Any idea sisterji? Wish you always stay healthy and God bless you and family.

    34. Hi sister Manjula
      Thank you very much for your tasty and great recipe,almost all of my recipe come from you sisterji.I need your favor sister,what should I do when we don”t have bay leaves and hing.Please help me for this is tne first time I heard of hing and bay. Thank you sister.Wish you always stay healthy and God bless you and family. Sorry we live in Indonesia.

    35. This was the best subji EVER!!! I cooked this subji for Govardhan Puja and it turned out to be so tasty. I believe my Giridhari liked it so much, thanks Aunty for sharing all your wonderful videos and recipes 😀


    36. Hi, I tried this recipe exactly and it came out delicious. Yummee…. I have just started cooking and love that people like you share such exact recipes which makes it so easy for us to learn. Even so called ‘close friends’ and family are not so forth coming when it comes to sharing recipes. God bless you!

    37. U r a great cook!! Once i’ve found one of ur vegitable recipe,after that always i used to search for manjula’s recipe in youtube, now i got ur website,so thnk u vry mch for ur delicious recipes its helping us…Lovely..

    38. Hello from Berlin

      I just wanted to say that I’ve finally been able to add some much needed variety & flavour to my otherwise uninspired diet and it’s all thanks to your amazing talent and generosity in sharing your recipes.
      I can’t wait to try every one. Thanks so very much.

      You’re an amazing chef Manjula!

    39. I am cooking dinner for 50 or more people could you please tell me how much ingredients I need. I am cooking for Lamas and other holy men and was just blessed with this work. I need this convertion yesterday The dinner is wed, the 3rd. of aug. Iam making Aloo Gobi and Navarantan Please Help

      1. looks nice! I heard that there is a fried variation(cauliflower, potato seperately sauted or deep fried ???) Could you give me the exact method ?

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    41. Thanks Leann & Jaya for your valuable suggestion. Howvever, can you please let me know what should be the appropriate thickness of a cooking pan. As the one which i am having is 3.25mm thick.

      It will help me in buying a new one 🙂


    42. Kuku,
      I agree fully with what Jaya is saying in regards to using a better quality heavier nonstick pan. Please let me take that idea one step further and suggest the brand “Calphalon” which can be found in many major department stores along with Bed Bath & Beyond. If purchasing an entire set is not feasible or warranted – I suggest picking out one or two pans that will fit your needs. The quality is the BEST and I will guarantee that you will go back to making the perfect aloo gobi that you so enjoyed in India!! Please let me know how you make out!

      1. Kuku,
        I can’t tell you what an appropriate thickness SHOULD be but what I can tell you is to feel the heaviness of the pan itself – you’ll know more of what i mean when you actually get to the store and start actually feeling how heavy one is rather than going by what a preconceived notion of one should be. There’s no other way that I can explain besides that. An inferior made thicker pan is less useful than something sturdily made / better quality / better materials I’ve learned. More expensive is NOT always better but I would think twice about cookware – a good set that is well maintained and cared for properly can last a lifetime. If you live anywhere close to any if the stores I suggested – i would physically go there and check out your options and not just take into consideration “thickness” alone. Hope this helps! I can only suggest what I have experience with but I have a set of Calphalon that I’ve used on a heavy duty gas stove and still nothing sticks! Best investment I’ve ever made and within Calphalon itself, there are many pricepoints itself and options for each!

    43. Hi,

      I used to make aloo gobhi in India quite often as it used to come out nicely. But since i have come to US i am not able to make aloo gobhi coz it burns after when i cover the vessel with the lid on low medium/ medium heat.

      Somebody told me to cook the vegetable in cooker to prevent the sabzi from getting burned. It cooked well but lost its crispyness.

      Kindly tell me how can i make this veg in the open vessel. I think there is some problem with my non-stick kadai??? What’s ur suggestion pls let me know.

      I really dont understand what is the reason.


      1. Kuku, the problem sounds like you’re using too light weight of a cooking vessel and even low heat is burning the food. Use a heavier, better quality pan, pot, or kadai and the problem should be solved. Jaya

    44. Manjula, I love your recipes and videos! thanks so much for sharing them with us–the dishes always turn out delicious (even when made by a amateur American cook like myself)!

    45. Dear Manjula,

      I am a male and I live alone in the US, I tried this recipie for the first time and it tasted amazing, I cannot believe that I made this recipe for the first time….thank you so much

    46. Thank you Manjula for all of these videos of you cooking. I am excited to cook when I watch all the delicious things you make. I made the aloo gobi for dinner. Delicious!!

    47. I liked the idea of making a paste of the powders along with ginger. I followed the instructions mnetionned by you and the dish has really come out good. Please keep up the good work. Do you have any recipe for making puran polis??

    48. Dear Manjula Aunty
      Thank you for sharing Aloo Ghobhi recipe, I am big fan of your cooking.
      What amazes me is that all your recipes are cooked without onion and garlic!!

      Thank you once again!!

      Regards always

    49. After i initially commented We clicked on the ?Inform me whenever new comments tend to be added? checkbox and today each time a comment is added I get four emails with similar remark. Can there be any kind of method for you to get rid of me from that support? Many thanks

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    51. Chris,
      For some reasons a lot of times Indian food is often best the next day. I don’t know if it’s because the spices have time toreally “mesh” with the other ingredients but it’s true. My husband is from India and I’ve been cooking now for 10 years. Aloo gobi is one of his favorites. Just like Manjula says – take these recipes and experiment and add your own twists to them. It sounds like you’ve done exactly that! One thing I’ve noticed when cooking dishes like aloo gobi where you are stir frying a vegetable and adding spices to it – they will often stay more “crunchy” until you add salt to them. That’s when they go soft. I sometimes, if I want that crunchy texture, will add salt a little later on in the cooking process or even add the onions later on which Manjula doesn’t use because she’s Jain. Onions add water and will make dishes like this “go soft” and so will adding salt early in the process. Also, if you cover the dish while cooking will make a difference…. you just have to play with it a bit to get the results you are looking for but like I said – it sounds like you are doing just fine!

    52. What a great dish – I’d like to say *thank you* for your excellent website.

      When I started cooking this recipe, I often found that the spuds (I’m english) didn’t soften fast enough and I would lose the cauli structure and texture by the time it was ready for serving.

      Now I usually microwave the potatoes for 4 or 5 mins before putting them in the pot – that way I can have the cauli still little crunchy with the spuds soft…..

      Maybe just something to do with the type of potatoes we get here in England – anyway, thanks and best wishes


      PS- I also like to get a red chilli, and chop it to really fine strips before putting into the mix – it adds nicely to the appearance……

      ….and I find this dish to be even better when left to go cold, and eaten the next day – sometimes I just try a little taste – but before I know it, I’ve eaten the lot!

    53. This is one of my favorite recipes to make for my husband. Also, one of the first recipes I have found in a long time that doesn’t need some tweaking to make it taste better. Thank you for posting it.

      JM, since I have always made this with fresh cauliflower I would avoid the frozen if possible. If you do use frozen make sure to lay it out on some paper towels when thawing. The only thing I can think of is the added moisture might make the dish have too much water.

    54. Hello Manjula Aunty your recipes are excellent.you are a boon especially when we are staying out of india.My husband loved the dishes i made.Thankyou very much.

    55. Manjula Mataji, this is one of the most delicious dishes I have ever cooked. Thank you so much for providing so many wonderful recipes without onion or garlic.

    56. instead of cauliflower ive experimented with other vegetables like zucchini with wonderful results! also, if you double the recipe you can get away with still only using 3 tablespoons oil.

    57. Hi Manjula

      This is my first time at your website, so glad I found your recipes. My question is about doubling the recipe for Aloo gobi. Should I just double the amount of each ingredient or ??


    58. Thank you for sharing your recipes Manjula. I tried the peas and paneer last week and it turned out so delicious. I don’t I’m going to pay to eat it at the restaurant cause I can make it just as good. I’m looking forward to making the aloo gobi today for dinner.

      1. Rabz, If you don’t have hing, just skip it. Or, if you eat onions, you can a chopped medium onion after the cumin seeds pop and let it saute until soft for a few minutes.

        Hing is used when onions and garlic are not.

    59. Hi Manjula Aunty,
      You’re so sweet and an excellent cook. I love your web site and the way you explain to cook. Thank you so much for wonderful and easy recipes. I have already tried moong dal dosa, peda, aloo baigan and many other dishes….ooh they have come out all soo good.

      Many Many Thanks!

    60. perfect! i make this in double quantity on sundays so i have a few dinners throughout the week. it never fails to be a savory dish at the end of a long day.

      thank you, Manjula.

    61. Hi Manjula!

      I found your website recently and wanted to say thank you! It is so nice that you do this! Tonight I realized that your cooking classes are held in San Diego…I live in LA, but if I can ever get enough time off from work, I would love to come take them. I also made aloo gobi tonight and while it tasted great, it was a little mushy, the vegetables started to disintegrate and it did not look like your picture at all. I found that I had to keep adding water to it, or it would start sticking to the pan and burning…should I have added just a little more oil instead of the water? I followed the recipe exactly except for adding extra water. Again, thanks for making the website, it’s great!

    62. Hi Manjula
      what can i use instead of mango powder? A squeeze of lime or lemon? What’s the taste of mango powder?
      I’ll love if you could enlighten me. xx Sonia

    63. Hi Manjulah; you’re my U-tube Grandmother! Your recipe and instruction is wonderful! This recipe has become a household favorite and a recipe go to when I am short on ideas and time. Thank you! Just a tiny thought….the substitution of lemon for the mango powder should be in the recipe; I had read all the comments to get to the answer. Peace!

    64. I just tried your Aloo Gobi today. It was very easy to make, and it tasted wonderful! You did a wonderful job explaining how to do it on your video which helped me greatly. Thanks! Frank

    65. You are doing a great job ……..made mohanthal,pani puri,kachodi,green chutney,makhani daal ,badam almond mithai etc all inspired by your cooking…You givegreat tips….Thankyou for your effort and your amazing recipes

    66. I’ve tried making aloo gobi a few times before and it was never that good. I tried your recipe and it was awesome! Thanks a million! I love your site and your videos! Keep them coming please!

    67. Sherry D, I couldn’t get mango powder anywhere either – I live in Israel and apparently it isn’t very popular here. However, I think I found a good substitute: mango chutney works very well, try it out.

      And Manjula – thanks for the wonderful recipes!

    68. Like your husband, this is also my favorite dish. I have never made it as you do, I usually fry the spices directly in the oil. This will be exciting to try. Thank you.

    69. Dear medam

      when i was came to delhi , i eated the dish called dal makhini, I came to my own town coimbatore. i told with my wife about aloo gobi paratha, and dal makhini, basically i am a potato and cauliflower lover. but my wife was very weak in cooking. but she tried dal makini in her own ways as i told. but it was not so good like the same. when i searched through web I saw your methods in youtube , I really happy , The first thing iam going to house and tell about your website with my wife. I hope she will also be a good house cook in coming days with the help of manjulakitchen.com Thanks a lot

    70. Hi aunty,
      I don’t eat potatoes being a Jain.
      Can I substitute the same using raw bananas.
      If yes then how many cups should I use for this recipe

      1. I think banana would taste quite awful if you mean the sweet yellow type of banana.

        If you don’t eat potato, just skip it and add a little more cauliflower or peas as aunty suggests. Bananas? No.

      2. Have you considered plaintains? They are like bananas, but are larger and aren’t sweet (unless you let them ripen for too long), and are often used to make chips or to make a mashed potato-like dish (mofongo).

    71. Dear Manjula,
      I cannot find mango powder where I live. Is it essential to the dish? What does it add in flavor? Is there anything I can substitute for it?
      Thank you for your helpful advice on Indian food – I’m trying to learn how to prepare it.

      1. Mango powder adds a touch of tang to Indian dishes. Lemon juice is a good substitute. Use 1 to 2 tsp. only until you figure out how much tartness you (and others eating the food) like.

    72. Hi Aunty,

      First thing first, this is one of the classic recipe and I loved watching your video on youtube, before I came to this site. This is the first time i have ever cooked a recipe that tastes so good!! You are Awesome!!

      I could never learn when my Mom wanted to teach me, too busy with studies, and now I am planning to settle down and my would-be is a big foody and loves north indian food. So I am learning it through your website. 🙂

      I must say you remind me of my Mom so it makes it even more special for me and its great to be able to cook such wonderful yet simple home food through your website

      thanks very much for taking your time out to share this!

      Next I am trying chole batura!

    73. hello manjula aunti,

      thankyou for recipes ,the dishes i thoght were tough to prepare ,after watching ur vdo n following instructions are easy for me ………………..thank you soooooooooooooo much…..

    74. It looks really good!But why are’nt you using onions and garlic?Are you a vegan?Can we use onions for certain dishes?Hope it will enhance the flavour.

    75. have to say that your recipes look delicious! have not tried them yet, but will have to for sure! also, thnk you for posting videos and not just pictures, it does help to see it step by step and what it should look like once everything is done! 😀

    76. Hi,

      Sooooo glad I found this site… It’s absolutely wonderful with simple and clear instructions… My dream was to become little by little a vegetarian as I adore Indian food… You should receive an award Manjula…!!!! However, i live in South America and it’s impossible to find many of the spices… for instance hing and the mango powder, even garam masala… can you suggest with what it can be replaced please? My eternal gratitude!!!

    77. This came out fine the first time I tried it. The second time was perfect. I made
      the following modifications.
      1. Used curry leaves instead of bay leaves
      2. Used paprika instead of cayenne (less heat more color)
      3. Hand ground coriander seeds in a mortar to make the powder (fresh ground seeds seem to make a big difference)
      4. Microwave the cauliflower+potato for 3 min in the microwave reduces cooking time.
      4. After frying the ginger-spice paste, added 1/2 cup water. This allowed the
      spices to coat/stick to the cauliflower better.

      1. this is indian recipenot fast food so we avid microwaving..i think manjula style is better than urs…bay leave is garam masaa u cant replace it but u can sure add extra cury leaves…

    78. Thank you so much for the wonderful recipes. I’ve always loved Indian food and have wanted to try cooking it at home – now I can! Everything tastes great…now all my friends are trying your recipes.

    79. tried your recepie it was great every one liked it at home.
      thanks for your recepies it has taught me so many small but verry verry useful tips which only a mother can teach a daughter.

    80. hi,
      i tried this and taste was too good, best part is that cauliflower florets remains intact, which was great…. the way you cook can make any one crazy for food and cooking. thanks a lot !!!!

    81. I cooked this for a friend, also I did your basen puda, mint raita and daal. He said he had never tasted food like this before. Coming from someone who has eaten all different types of food it is a real compliment and he asked me to thank you.

      Real home cooking beats restaurant food. Thank you Manjula, I have enjoyed following your recipes.

    82. Hi! Just a question for you…how hot should the heat be at the beginning when adding the spices? I think I had mine up too high because my spice paste burned! Thanks!

    83. Manjula ji,
      Thank u so much.
      I m expecting my 1st child…and now my husband who knew nothing about cooking is so much inspired by ur recipes & videos has now started cooking for me and often serves great meals for me & my baby and for that u owe a big thanks for making cooking so much easier for new cooks & learners.
      I wish you all the best.

    84. Dear Manjula!

      Im a hungarian girl and my husband is indian.Your recipies are great help for me.Just yesterday I tried your aloo gobi recipie and it came out very tasty.
      Thank you!

    85. So far this is my favorite. I’ve made it several times and shared it with several people. Thank you for taking the time to make your recipes available to all of us indian food lovers. Thanks to you, I need an entire cabinet to house all of my spices! I love it.

    86. thanks your dish is really tasteful and great i made it with nan breads and it was just mouthful
      thanks again and please show us more desserts dish and currys thanks

    87. Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes which I’ve enjoyed cooking and eating. My mom observes strict vegetarianism that forbids onions, garlic, chives, shallots, and scallions on certain days. Your website is definitely a godsend.

    88. Dear Manjula Aunty, I have tried your alu-gobi recipe many times and it’s one of my all-time favourites. It is a fool-proof recipe and everyone who tastes it wants more!
      Thank you so much for sharing all your recipes. We really appreciate it.

    89. Dear Manjula,

      Happy New Year to you and your family! For New Years Eve, I made your Veg Samosas, Aloo Gobi, & Naan. It was incredible! Thank you so much for sharing!


    90. Dear Manjula:

      I made this dish with a few missing ingredients (cauliflower -I doubled the potato amount, amcoor, haldi, hing, and green chillies – used dried, red chillies instead) and added green peas and the dish still turned out pretty tasty. Thanks again for providing the recipe!

    91. Manjula,

      I love your vedioes and recipes! Thanks for put them out here. I am a Chinese who loves indian food. My difficulty is finding the spices and herbs you mentioned on your website. Where can I get them in the US? You reply is greatly appreciated!

      Thanks again and happy holidays!


    92. Hi Manjula,
      I wanted to thank you for posting these recipes and especially the videos. I have made a few of your dishes so far and they have turned out AMAZING! I understand that this is complely a vegetarian site, however I was hoping you might be able to share your Butter Chicken recipe with me? I have friends coming over nest week and I would LOVE to surprise them with the amazing popular chicken dish!
      Thanks so much!

    93. Hello Manjula Ji,
      I am a new visitor to your site. Loved all your recipe videos, last night i made your version of Alu gobi it came out very well, the family loved it.

      Thank you for all the recipes.


    94. hello,
      im not sure i can find amchoo or Asafetida where i live. im wondering what the dish would be like without it, or if you had any ideas on substitutes? thanks, and i love the website!

    95. Varsha: “I have seen you using chopped cilantro in almost all of your receipes. Now can you please tell me how to keep these leaves fresh for a longer period of time?”

      Once chopped, you can freeze cilantro and it will keep for a long time. You can then take it straight from the freezer to garnish meals with, and it will defrost quickly.

    96. Hi Manjula,

      I made this last night too — my first Indian dish! It came out very well even though I had to cheat a little on some of the spices. And I didn’t cut the potatoes thin enough so the cauliflower was overcooked by the time the potatoes were done. I will do better next time, I promise.

      I made chapathis to go with it and they also came out great.

      Thank you for your videos. Some things are easier to learn by seeing rather than just reading.

    97. Hi Manjula,

      I made this last night for my family and they absolutely loved it! I have never gotten my brother to enjoy a vegetarian meal but he loved it, and It looks like I will be making this recipe again and again! Thank you!

    98. Dear Manjula ji,

      I have seen you using chopped cilantro in almost all of your receipes. Now can you please tell me how to keep these leaves fresh for a longer period of time?

      Thanks in advance

    99. Manjula – I can see why this is your husband’s favorite. It is delicious. Thanks again for a great recipe/video. And also thank you for making a video about rolling out the breads. I see comments that others (like me) have a little trouble keeping the dough from getting tough. I know you need to skip the kneading in the recipes, but a video just about rolling out the dough will be great. Thank you again,


    100. Hello Aunty, we are big fan of yours, we tried your recipes for Jalebi and Rasgulla and both turned fantastic and delicious. I appreciate your efforts since now we don’t miss verity of Indian dishes abroad and can try any of it at home.

      Thank you very much.

    101. Hello Shubhi,
      Some times vegetables can have more moisture then other (Like one lemon has more juice then other) next time if you experience the same don’t cover the pot so water can evaporate faster and don’t stir too much that will make subji mushi

    102. Hello Auntyji,
      I tried your aloo gobi recipe today, it was good, but it didnt look as dry as yours, it was a little mushy. I followed your recipe, after adding the gobi and salt to it, it sarted giving up water .I cooked for 15 mins not more. Do u think i m doing something wrong?. Plz let me know.
      THANK YOU!

    103. Hello Aunty,
      I tried the aloo gobi recipe and it turned out wonderful. I love North Indian food and my husband has become a big fan of your recipes. Thanks.

    104. Hello,
      I just found your website today & made the Aloo Gobi . It is the best I have ever eaten or made. I added peas & red pepper & more chilly powder. It would be a great dish to take to any pot luck dinner. My wife loved it & as a vegetarian I will be back here a lot. I have already forwarded your website address to my friend & my children ..
      Thank you
      Thank you

    105. Hello Aunty,
      Thank you very much for the wonderful Recipes.I have started to use ur website just a week back…..me n my husband luv it..had tried 2 of ur dishes…came out very well..thanks a ton.

    106. Hello Josef,
      It depends on potatoes, some times potatoes can be just dry not have enough moisture so you will need to add some more water. As you mentioned you use wok, if potatoes you cooked without covering it will take more time and more water.

    107. Hi Manjula, I just made this and it took over 40 minutes for the potatoes to finish cooking. I used a wok instead of a pan, could this be in part why? I don’t exactly understand how the potatoes are supposed to properly cook with only 2 tbsp. of water.

      I’d appreciate it if you could help me with this =) I love your recipes, I make the chick pea curry almost every week.

    108. I had a craving for Indian food and your website and Youtube videos have been a great help to me. Thank you very much!

      I am going to sit down and eat some Aloo Gobi now. 🙂

    109. Tuesday, 01 July 2008.
      Paris Time: 17:49:41 hrs.

      Dear Manjula,

      Thank you so much your cooking is simple and fantastic – you are indeed a generous person and a very good cooking teacher – your way of explaining your cooking and videoing is superb!!!! You will definitely be remembered forever on the Internet.

      Mrs. J.M. CULBERT.

    110. Super, thank you very much. I make this recipe weekly. I finally got the hang of the proper tenderness. Your videos have added so much insight to my Indian cooking. Hope you don’t mind – I also used the same technique – added a little tomato sauce, 1 lb ground turkey breast, peas to make keema matar.

    111. Manjulaji You are the best. Your step by step instructions videos and recipes are simply fabulous. Not only they are for Novice cook but for experienced ones too. I appreciate all your efforts.

    112. Hi…thanks so much….cooking has always been a challenge for me…but thanks to your easy and detailed instruction style, i’ve actually started enjoying cooking!!!!…
      thanks once again
      ps – ur recipes were a godsend recently when my mom-in-law dropped in at our place & wanted to sample my cooking :-))))

    113. Looks great! I will definatly put this in my veg head clog carnival. Your my first submission in my first carnival. I love the fact that you have a video showing how to make the dish. Very nice.

    114. Hi Manjula Aunty,

      I am learning to cook simple dishes through your website and video instructions. Thanks a ton for your detailed instructions.

      I wanted to know when can we add onion and garlic as my family loves the flavour?

    115. Dear Majula, I’am a great fan of Indian vegetarian cooking. Years ago I did a cookeryclass with Darshan Kumari in Amsterdam. I still have her little booklet with the vegetarian recepies we made. Since then I make Indian dishes regularly.
      I like your video presentation. Thank you very much for the recepies. I particularly like the breads.
      I live in Holland and I put a link on a forum for home bread bakers of which I am a enthousiastic member.

    116. Dear Manjula,

      Thank you for this website! I have grown up with my friends family making wonderful Indian dishes, but the process of making curry chicken, where ghee is required, scared me away from ever trying to make it myself. Now I see that not all recipes are so labour intensive, and have since made Aloo Gobi and couldn’t be happier. Watching your videos takes all the fear away!

      I hope too see more dishes on your website, and I will check back frequently. One of the treats I would like to know how to make is ludoo. Thank you again. I am very happy!



    117. This sounds delicious. Thanks for the “variations” tip, I was thinking of adding peppers to begin with, but I wasn’t sure how to handle it, since I’ve never made this before.

    118. Dear Manjula auntie,
      The recipes you have posted are awesome!! I have never seen so much expertise in Indian cooking. I have tried some of the recipes, and each time they turn out to be perfect. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    119. This is my first time visit to your website but I have watched a couple of your videos in Youtube.I have fallen in love with all your recipes.You are a great cook.I made your Aloo Gobi sabji and posted on my blog and have linked to your youtube video.
      thankyou very much for sharing wonderful and authentic recipes.

    120. Hi Manjula,

      Thank you for this. I’ve been searching for a good, authentic Aloo Gobi recipe for a few months, and this is perfect!

      Your video says to use 1/4 teaspoon of Turmeric, but the website says 3 teaspoons. I followed the directions according to the video, but you may want to update the website. 😉

    121. Very nice recipe, I love the way u cook with lots of cilantro(like me). I checked and tried out your other recipes too. U r a great cook not like other people who use short cuts. Thanks and please keep adding recipes.

    122. Dearest Manjula,

      We have just discovered your website by accident .. And what a dear surprise that has been !! We have been in love with Indian food for years now, and have been experimenting quite a bit in the kitchen .. And we are doing quite well, if we may say so ourselves ! hahahaa

      You are going to be on our #1 spot to discover new dishes and check before we cook now ! What an inspiration you are !

      Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and passion for cooking in such a lovely and friendly way .. It is very much appreciated.

      With much love and admiration,

      The Sistas

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