2 thoughts on “Purple Cabbage, Eggplant and Shiitake Mushroom Dumplings

  1. Wow, combining the purple vegetables, brilliant stuff! Damn amazing colour!
    Mouthwatering to look at really! I’m certainly going to try this!

    You really got my fantasy running away with me here!
    I can imagine Amchoor (Mangopowder), Spicy bakedTempéh and (you could leave the sugar out) sweet potatoes could be used as added stuffings. With Pineapple added, the purple will turn into blue instead, but the taste of pineapple, if not overdone, goes remarkably well with red cabbage. Add some red pepper and a little bit of white pepper to get that spicy flavour working on it. Not sure how it will work out with Aubergine or ‘Brinjal’ as Kalyani suggested, but might be worth a try. Very inspiring blogspost!

    Thanks Cecilia & Manjula,

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