16 thoughts on “Potato Masala Quiche Pastry

  1. You know – Juliette, you are right – it looks like phyllo – I should have actually looked at the pictures more closely before I commented -but there are a lot of Indian recipes which use “puff pastry” in one format or another. This definitely looks like phyllo though. Looks totally yummy doesn’t it !!

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for this very nice recipe, can you tell me which kind of pastry sheet it is ( not puff from what I can see , perhaps fillo ?)


  3. Anju,
    Puff pastry sheets are available in any American grocery store chain – the most common brand that you will find is “Pepperidge Farms” I think that you may also find it in Indian grocery stores here…. but when I see it in the Indian markets they normally come in the small square sizes that you use for making veggie puffs and other small pastries. The Pepperidge Farms brand are the ones that come in 2 large square sheets packaged individually inside the box. I hope this helps you out in detail!

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