Nan Khatai

Nan Khatai

Nan khatai

Nan khatai is an egg-less light and crispy biscuit that's perfect to serve with tea or coffee.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian
Servings 6 people


  • 1/3 cup all purpose flour plain flour or maida
  • 1/3 cup fine sooji samolina
  • 1/8 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp cardamom coarsely ground ilaichi
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter
  • 2/3 cup sugar
  • 1 tbsp almond sliced
  • 1 tbsp pistachio sliced


  • Pre heat the oven to 375 degree.
  • In a bowl, mix the all-purpose flour, gram flour, sooji, baking soda and cardamom powder and set aside.
  • Let the butter come to the room temperature (butter should be soft not melted)
  • Add butter and sugar in a mixing bowl and beat for two to three minutes until light and fluffy.
  • Add the flour mix to butter and sugar mixture and knead them together to make smooth dough. Divide the dough into about 24 equal parts and make them into balls. Press each ball between your palms lightly; every piece should be about 3/4" in thickness.
  • With a sharp knife softly draw a tic-tac-toe design on the top and put few pieces of almonds and pistachios and press them into the dough gently.
  • Put Nan khatai on a lightly greased cookie sheet and bake at 375 degrees for about 13 to 15 minutes or until Nan khatai are lightly gold brown.
  • After they are lightly golden brown remove the cookie sheet from the oven. Let the Nan Khatais cool down for two to three minutes before taking them off the cookie sheet.


Nan khatai make a great homemade gift for holidays. Your friends and relatives will love it.
Serve them with hot cup of chai.
Keyword Biscuit, Cookies, Eggless, Kid Friendly, Tea Time Snack
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225 thoughts on “Nan Khatai

  1. Hi Manjula, can I use polenta flour in place of sooji in this recipe?
    Also in the ingredients you have forgotten to put the besan (1/2 cup I believe).
    Thank you, Didina

  2. Dear Manjula,
    I have not tried this recipe yet and I know it doesn’t need eggs, but I wanted to tell you I have tried a good substitute for egg yolk in pastries, here is the recipe….0……41.l4adhqJC8do (sorry I don’t know how to link). I tried it in a shortbread cookie and it worked! It can be made gluten free easily by swapping ap flour for rice or sorghum flour.
    Best wishes, Didi

  3. Will Nan Khatai bake in an OTG Oven and my mixture of Nan Khatai is wet how can I bake it or dry it.
    My tray of oven has lost can I bake it on grill.Pls HELP

  4. Hi Manjula Aunty
    I love your recipes and try them and my family loves the dishes.
    I tried nan khatai but unfortunately all cookies came flat and were mixed in each other as liquid. Can you please suggest what might have gone wrong?


  5. I reduced the sugar a bit & substituted the butter for regular vegetable oil. I made sure my dough was a little crumbly (similar to that of a tart dough) but could easily be smoothed into balls – the biscuits came out fab!

  6. Hello Manjula Ji,
    I have tried nan khatai first time and it turned out very delicious…..I want to ask is it necessary to use unsalted butter or desi ghee……can we use amul butter for it?
    Please advice.

  7. Manjulaji

    Thanks to people like you that even amateur cooks like me are able to try out different recipes to the delight of my husband and kids. Keep up the good work..regards sunita5Z

  8. hi
    I want to the exact measurements in baking in general what does 3/4 cup means in terms of gms or ml. I have recently purchased an oven but unable to use since I am getting the replies from any of the blogs I went through to start baking . btw I have measuring cups which is in ml/cc not gms so does it mean I need to buy a weighing scale too. I am placed abroad/pl reply

      1. 5 stars
        I been trying same recepie every Diwali from 2016 and it’s come out good. I read all comments above and every one has to be patient and check your product it’s not expire mix well first butter and sugar and for good results only make one batch at times cause I made 2 batch will loose the power of baking soda. And also your rasgulla recepie good too.
        Thank you ???? manjullaben

  9. We tried this recipe twice and failed both times. The cookies were very flat and bubbly . They didn’t turn. Out like yours. We followed the recipe exactly. So what happened. Pls advice. Thanks.

  10. Hi Manjula Aunty,

    I tried the nan- khatai recepie today. This is the first time i have tried baking anything. And yet they turned out wonderful 🙂 🙂
    My husband loved it! !!! . Thank you so much for posting this simple recepie.


  11. Please can you tell me the receipie of of making पिठाची गोड बोरे which Maharashtrians usually prepare at the time of Sankrant.


  12. can Nankhatai be made in our pressure cooker since I am not having oven or microwave? if so please give the whole process so that I can make nankhatai at home without oven.

  13. This was my first recepie from your YouTube collection and I am amazed how good it turned out. I loved the outcome and will be trying out your other recepies in the next few days. Hopefully I can try one new recepie a day. I love to cook all kind of foods and trying out Indian dishes these days.

    Thanks for this wonderful recepie.

  14. Hi Aunty,

    Your recipes are just awesome… My nan katai’s turned out to be really good in taste but they turned out to be a bit soft. Can you let me know the reason so that I can improve the next time.

    Thank you.


  15. hi aunt,
    thank u for the wonderful n tasty recipes i have a few desserts like rasagilla ,jalebi n they cam eout good.Aunt i woould like to ask u if u would give me a recipe for pittu.thanq in advance

  16. Following your recipe, i tried naan khatai and it turned out to be simply yummy! My family loved the cookies.Thank you for the recipe. I would like to add that i baked the cookies in convection mode for 15 minutes. Thanks once again.

  17. Thank you M.Didi,
    I made this today it spreaded flat melted like paper thin.
    Maybe I greased the pan too much?
    Next time I will use less sugar too.

    The taste was good. But was paper thin cookies.
    Any suggestions DiDi?

  18. I tried this recipe but in my oven it just completed melted and became a hard mass!What went wrong??
    Also do we use castor sugar instead of regular sugar otherwise the dough becomes granular??

  19. Hi Manjula ji,

    I find your recipes very interesting and easy to make.

    I would like to know if these Nan Khatai’s be stored and if so for how many days.

    Thanks & regards,


  20. bina,
    Looks like your nan khatai mixture was too warm( from mixing, or your kitchen was warm). Next time you could chill the batter in the fridge for an hour or less to firm it up a little. Also, ovens vary and baking time should be taken as an approximation only. I think that you overbaked your cookies-try to remove from the oven about 4 minutes sooner. With experience you will come to know your oven. Good luck!!

        1. Degree is used both for F and C..But in this recipe it refers to F..only fahrenheit scale is used in US and no cookies/cakes are made at high temp of 360 deg C

  21. Dear manjula aunty, i am an Indian…n i completely adore n look forward to all ur receipes….till date all ur receipes hav earned me compliments…..ur receipes r de easiest n simpliest to comprehend..I LOVE de format of ur user friendly website as well…Kudoss…Keep up de good work…its U because of whom now i am a cook as well….my mum gives u loadss of love n blessings 4it….keep up de gd work always!!!regards..NANDITA

  22. Dear Manjula i also want to say that in ur recipe u made 22 – 24 cookies which looked just the right thickness…..but with exact same recipe i got to make only 15 cookies which were flat and thin and not as big as urs….plz tell me where i went wrong…..thanx again

  23. Dear Manjula …….i love these cookies,,,they turned out delicious…………….but i have a question…..i followed the recipe exactly but my cookies were tooo flat and extremely crunchy since nan khatai is meant to be a lil soft and the tic tac toe marks i made also didnt show since they got flat ……..where did i go wrong please tell me …..thanx

  24. Hi Manjula Aunty,

    I made these naan khatai today and they turned out very well and crispy and delicious…thanks for sharing the recipe…I love your are doing a great job!


  25. Hi Manjula Aunty,

    I just tried making them! Turned out very well. My family loves them. 🙂
    Only thing is that they expand A LOT when in the oven, so don’t make the initial balls too big. Also, some people might find them a little on the sweet side – depends entirely upon you taste.

    Again, great recipe/tea biscuit. Very professional looking too. 😀


  26. Hello Manjula Aunty,

    I love your recipes. Specially because they are without onion and garlic. Just wanted to ask for nan khatai can I use baking powder cause I do not have baking soda? if yes how much should I use?

    1. Seema,
      Recently I was baking something and couldn’t leave the house to get baking soda when I realized I was out. I googled what the substitutes were and you are right. You can substitute baking powder for baking soda. It tells you to use three times the amount of baking powder as you do baking soda but it also warns you that using that much, may alter the taste of the food.

      As far as the results that I had when I substituted using the three to one ratio – I would not do it again. It had a metal taste to it and you could taste it in the baked goods I was preparing. If I were you, I would just purchase the baking soda – speaking from personal experience. If you try to use less powder then the three to one ratio, then the naan may not rise properly and it still may have a taste.

      I hope that this helps you and good luck!

  27. Hello Manjula Aunty,
    Can i make variations in this recipe… adding Pistachio pudding mix etc to make for festive occasions like Christmas. ???
    If yes, then should the quantity of sugar or anything else in your original recipe be reduced ?
    – Rupa

  28. Hello Manjula Aunty,

    last weekend i tried 2 of your recipes(Nan Khatai and Lemon rice) and they both turned out very delicious… thnk u sooo much for so tasty and easy recipes.. Nan Khatai recipe is simple awesome and very easy to cook..

    Aunty , can u plz share some recipes for biscuits tht v can hav with tea.. like namkeen biscuits and some glucose biscuit or toast… smthng which we can hav with morning tea..

    waiting for ur reply


  29. hi, My KHATAIS did’nt turn out good. i guess my suji was not fine …….also they turned out burnt…..and not tasting good 🙁
    i’ev been tryg out yr recipe’s for months but always had good experience, don’t knw why they did’nt look anywhere close to biscuits….
    Can you suggest what went wrong !!!

    thank u

  30. Hi Manjula,
    I am now going to try this recipe. I should have written earlier but did not get around to do it. I have been trying your recipes for a long time- dessers, vegetables, daals etc. They are absolutely beautiful and me and my family absolutely enjoy these dishes. Boondi laddoos have become our favorites….people have started calling me a ‘Halwai’ In fatc the other day, I followed the ‘Sandesh’ recipe and sent it to my sis-in-law, who is a Bengali. Tell you she and her friends kept calling me for the recipe….they absolutely loved it.
    So thanks for sharing your beautiful recipes

  31. Hi Guys,
    I have just tried this – and it turned out pretty good. tip: mix the butter and sugar with the hands and then mix with the flour and make a dough like you would make a roti dough. then put in the oven for 20 mins – 220degrees celcius. watch the cooking. when u remove the naan khatay, it will feel soft and not crunchy at all – you must then leave it to cool until it hardens.. Hope this helps @ Jyoti 🙂 This is my first time.

  32. Hi,

    I am eager to try this recipe but wondered if someone could tell what half cup butter equates to in terms of weight of butter? This is more precise …


  33. Hi Manjula aunty!!!
    I tried KHATAIS but i don’t know why they get destroyed.In 5-7 minutes they just get dark from the bottom….Will you please tell me my mistake….i tried them many times but this happens every time…and one more thing that do we have to off the oven after it comes to 375 degrees?

    1. hi,i”m rozy.i make these many times.i have no problem.actually i notice one thing that we should not use non stick cookie sheet.we should use silver sheet{pizzasheet that has wholes in it, that is round one . i bought from wal mart.this is silver in colour.}i always make cookies and nan khatais in this.i tried in black non stick cookie sheet.that is not good.temparature should be 350.check after 6-7 not leave in oven after they get little brown in not turn off oven.and check after every minute. i think thath will be thankfull to you.

  34. Hi Aunty

    I tried these nankhatais today, but faced 2 problems–

    cookies came out flat, and did not puff up like yours did. What could have gone wrong? I followed every step just as ygot burnt from thou mentioned.

    Also, they burnt from the bottom really fast.


    1. Neha, butter is good, ghee is better, coconut oil is best for health & you will not get fat from it. Margarine is bad for health & was introduced in about the late 50’s. Soon after people had more heart problems. I am nutritionist/herbalist.

      1. Dear Robert,

        Thank you so much. I did some R&D from site and came across the health benefits of coconut oil. I will definately use Coconut oil from now on. Would like to have your email address for some advice in future.


  35. Hello Aunty,
    Thank you so much for helping us making varieties of dishes. I tried nan-khatai today but unfortunately it got burnt in 5min. and it melted in the sheet. I don’t know where was the problem may be my butter was little more soft because dough did not turned out thick it was very soft. Please suggest how much time the oven should be pre-heated.


  36. plz can u suggest me abt. the time used for nan khatai in microwave oven. and also for how much time oven is to b pre heated. i have tried dis recipe with same ingredients bt. dese burnt frm lower side in just 7-8 min.
    i have used microwave oven very first time. so if possible plz suggest me how to use it properly. and also give me in farenheit. thanks

  37. hello aunty

    today i have tried nankhatai recpe. i used the ingredients of same amt. as u said bt when i made dough its not sticky may b bcz of more butter and also the nan khatai’s are burnt frm bottom. plz cud u tell me wats the problem nd also plz suggest me oven is to b pre heated for how much time?

  38. Dear Manjula Aunty,

    I tried this recipe today and it turned out awesome!!
    It is for the first time that I tried to make any sort of biscuit and I was surprised to see the result myself 😀 … Thanks for your step by step instructions!
    I tried lot of your recipes and especially I love all your dessert recipes.
    I am writing to you from Germany and it is very difficult to find good Indian Desserts here… your recipes are life saver!!!

    My sincere thanks to you for all the lovely recipes and your efforts!!

    Best Regards,

  39. Hi Manjula aunty…I’d like to thank u for the nan khatai reciepe. I tried it twice & it came out so well that my husband wants me to prepare it again & again whenever any guests arrive. This time when i searched for the reciepe on your site i could’nt find it. Pls tell me where can i find it… Hope every body enjoys these delicious cookies!

  40. Hello Aunti Ji

    I tried Nan khatai today after watching your video but they couldn’t come out soft (‘Khasta’)and crispy and also they got burnt from the base..Please tell me where i was wrong..

    Thanks and Regards

    1. this is because manjulaji have mentioned 350 celcius which was supposed to be mentioned as farenheit. so when you convert it to celcius it will come around 175 please try out in this temp

  41. hello manjulaji i am your big fan always making using your receipes for my cooking but in coconut burfi you have not written how much milk we have to take or the thing which you are pouring at the start of video is cream or what i do not understand? Thanks ritu

  42. Hello Aunty,

    I tried Nan khatai twice and both times when i kept inside the oven the buscuit melted and spread through the cookie sheet… i dont know what mistake I am doing. Can u please help me and tell me what might have gone wrong?

  43. Hello Aunty
    We love your website and recipes. We have wanted to make Rasmali for years and your website was a treasure trove waiting to be found. Our Dad thinks you look like his Mum. We are about to try the Nan khatai and we hope it goes well.
    Thankyou for everything

      1. hi jaya

        plz can u suggest me abt. the time used for nan khatai in microwave oven. and also for how much time oven is to b pre heated. i have tried dis recipe with same ingredients bt. dese burnt frm lower side in just 7-8 min.
        i have used microwave oven very first time. so if possible plz suggest me how to use it properly. and also give me in farenheit. thanks

  44. Hello Manjula ji,

    I tried Nan Khatai today. But when i kept inside the oven the butter got melted fully and it spread through the cooking sheet and did not look like a buscuit. I have tried many times but the same thing happens.

  45. Hello Aunty,

    I am not sure what I did wrong but the nan khatai did not rise at all, instead they all flattened out and it came out in a flat ‘chikki’ like consistency. Please advice. Thanks

    1. The first time I made it, that happened also! Next time, you should leave it in the oven for less time, around 8-10 minutes instead.I hope this helps you!

  46. Hello manjula ji,
    Thanks for all the recipes. I made this nan khatai and it came our really so well. even my english colleagues liked it very much. Thanks a lot for the recipe.
    i prepared ras malai, veg brasni etc. all came out so well.
    Atlast, i want to say that you are really doing great contribution to our kitchens and offcourse life…..
    Thanks once again

  47. Hi Aunty,

    First of all I would like to thank you for sharing so many recipes with all of us.

    Aunty, I would like to ask one think can we prepare nan khatai without the use of oven?

  48. Hello auntyji,
    Thankyou very much for your great recipes! my mother was absolutely delighted when we found this recipe for nan khatai and we tried it instantly – which was a great success! All of you other recipes and your hard work at making them is also worth commending.
    The best part is that even we dont eat onion & garlick, soo all your recipes are just fantabulous.
    Thankyou again!!!!

  49. Hi Manjula Aunty,
    I tried Naan Khatai, in oven i kept the tray on middle rack for 10 minutes at 170 C still the naan khatai got burnt from the bottom i need to scratch from the bottom, otherwise it was great. Can u please give any suggestion for that.
    I also tried Bengali rasgulla that were ok but not much spongy i followed the same recipe of urs is it because there should be right amount of water in the paneer when we make or something alse
    can i do something for that Please suggest
    Thanks for other dessert recipes too

    ur recipes are great even not in India i can make in Australia all these favourite north indian recipes

  50. I tried your recipe today. They were just superb. My hubby and son loved it. Had an unexpected guest at home right in time. They too liked it a lot.
    Ur recipes are too good……… Thanks

  51. Hello Aunty,

    I tried your besan laddoo recipe. Thanks to you it turned out very nice. I have one question for you, i.e when you say ‘cups’- how do you convert it in gms. 1 cup = how many grams?

  52. Hi Manjulaji,

    This is a ‘fun’tastic website!! I baked for the first time today and tried the nan-khatai receipe and it turned out really good. However I must let you in on a secret here – I mistakenly added maize flour instead of gram flour since both of them look alike and guess what – it still turned out to be yummy!!
    Thanks once again and keep it going…

    If you have a receipe for salted biscuits, plz do share that. Thank you.

  53. Hello aunty I like biscuits and I tried this recipe, I really appreciate you.
    If u know how to make biscuits having test like crack jack or 50-50 please tell us.


  54. Namasthey Auntyji!
    I tried this recipe and it turned out well. I have a request – when you mention oven temperatures, please mention “F” or “C” (fahrenheit or centigrade). I looked for 375 deg in my oven, but the temperature only went up to 250 deg. I then realised that you are quoting in fahrenheit and my oven is in centigrade (in the UK).

    Thank you.

  55. Hallo Manjula ji.I tried this recipe it was really nice.i want to know how to make soan papdi? thanks for ur wonderful recipe and waiting for ur reply.. Regards..

  56. Hello aunty ji

    I really like Nan khatai biscuits, i tried to make it and the ratio of ingredients were same as u told in video but i don’t know why after 5 min. in oven ( @375 degree) all the cookies got melted,flattened and mixed with each other. Can u tell me why it happened like so. I would also like to know ration as in whole cups. like I’m wondering if I can use 1 cup of Maida,1 cup of sooji & 1/2 cup of besan.Cuz it was smelling too like besan.thanks again for ur wonderful recipe and waiting for ur reply..


  57. hello munjula auntie. i tried this recipe but it was too besani, the ratio of gram flour to the other flours the totally off.can you please suggest a substitute for gram flour. thanks

  58. Hi Manjulaji,
    your recipes are just too good..i have tried many of your recipes and got all praises from my husband. Tried baking dish for first time and it came very good…just got lil brown but tastes damn good. Waiting to serve my husband when he will be back from office…surprise for him.

  59. Hi,

    I tried this Naan Khatai recpie and it was not good at all. It is too sweet. It burned at bottom in order to cook. It was all flattened like a cookie. so butter is also more. Please improve it I had great expectations !

    1. I can’t help you with the other problems you had with this recipe, but the burned on the bottom part could be from using a cookie sheet that is too thin and light weight. Just a thought.

  60. Hi

    I have just tried the recepe n the result is really awsome. m really happy but here is one request i got confused in cups measurement like i just added sugar 2/3 cup according to my view. can u plz update ingredients (specially in baking) in gms so that measuring cups can b used. thanks

  61. Hi Manjula Ji

    I am very happy to find your site. I have watched lots of your videos and everything turns out so beautiful and looks very tasty. I as a young girl used to make I as a young girl used to make nan khaties in a portable oven in India. I am going to make them tonight as it is my birthday and I
    cannot wait to try other recipes. could you please clarify as in your recipes you use cup as a measure. I will appreciate if
    you could tell roughly how many grammes is 1 cup.

    Thanks a lot

  62. Hello Aunty,
    I love all your recipes and the way you present them. You are a very nice lady.

    I tried nankhatai today, my dough spread completely in the baking tray.
    I think my dough was too soft.
    What should I do next time?

    Thank you.


  63. hi,
    i made nan khatai last week,great taste,light & crispy.
    your recipes are really easy & simple to make for someone like me who never cooked anything before.
    Thanks Auntie

  64. Hi Manjula,
    I tried the Nan Khatai biscuits yesterday and they came out perfectly… and they taste even better!
    Thanks and keep them coming,
    Rochelle (Calgary, AB)

  65. can i replace maida with aata..and what at temperature i should bake with aata.i tried but at 350 degree they burned from lower side but not browned from upper side..not crispy as yours.


  66. Hi All
    I made them twice, and second time they turned out more perfect. Two things are very important. One, use correct measurements for semolina and the flours, if you are not sure of the cup method, try this, 6 heaped tablespoons of semolina and all purpose flour each (that makes it one third cup) and 8 heaped tablespoons of gram flour (one half cup) and 12 heaped tablespoons of sugar (two third cup). And make sure that all heaps of flour and semolina look same.
    Also for baking use temperature 350 for 16-17 min and then if the cookies looked little unbaked shift temperature to 275 for another couple of min.
    Hope these hints work.
    A simple oven safe tray also works great when greased with butter.
    Thanks Manjulaji for this great recipe.

  67. Hi Manjulaji,
    I tried nan khatai, it tasted good and look like yours but it is tooo hard to bite…please help what shud i do to make them soft, well i baked them 9 min at 300 degrees and they were dark brown by then????/

  68. I also had a problem with the Nan Khatai spreading when I made them before. Today, I solved the problem! After shaping the cookies and putting them on a silicone covered mat (no greasing needed) on the cookie sheet, I put the whole sheet into the refrigerator for a half hour while pre-heating the oven to the correct temperature. Result: They came out perfectly with no spreading, and looked exactly like the ones that you made. 🙂

  69. hi,

    even i did again burned..i donno why its not coming..should we need to powder sugar? is that 375Degree is ok..or we need to reduce the degree? i dont have any particular cooking tray..i just used a normal tray(oven safe) can u explain my doubts?..thanks in advance.

  70. Hi Manjulaji,

    i love your website..i tried this Nan Khatai recipe yesterday..but it was a great failure..i donno in what way i go wrong..i kept in bake that ok..or i need to keep in Broil..kindly tell me..

  71. I made my first Nan Khatai today from your recipe. It took me much longer to shape and add the nuts than it takes you. 😉

    You have been making them many times which is why you know exactly how much dough to pinch off to form into equal sized balls. For me, they were a little irregular, which made the smaller ones get brown faster.
    Next time, I shall cheat and use the disher that I use for other cookies.
    But, we enjoyed them very much, even though some were over baked.

    Thank you

  72. I purchased the Besan and Hari Elachi at a mid-eastern store and am anxious to make your Nan Khatai. However, I don’t know how to grind the Elachi pods. Do I grind the whole pod in my whirlybird grinder (originally a small coffee grinder) or do I remove the outer husk first, or do I just try to smash the whole thing, or ???

    Thank you

    1. hi
      its not easy to grind green cardamom all alone.its better if u take 10 to 15 cardamom n very little sugar n grind both together n use wen needed.this is the best way to grind cardamom along with husk bcoz husk also has gud flavour.

    2. Grind the cardomom seeds in a very small electric grinder or a mortar and pestle. It does require a little patience to do. You can grind extra and store it in a tightly sealed glass jar.

      I have never included the husk or outer shell when I grind cardomom.

  73. hi Manjula ,
    i tried your recipe of nan khatai. i did exactly in the manner u have told but it didn’t work. my nan khatais started melting soon after i put them in the oven. what should i do? thanks

  74. Hello Manjulaji,
    I tried this recipe and taken exact measuremnet which is given.But i dont know what went wrong.My nan khatai starts melting after i keep it in oven.Can you suggest me something on this?

  75. Namaste manjula aunty,how r u ? i try this recipe 2-3 time in raw .like as soon as finish i make after 2-3 days again .i like any kind of naan khatai. aunty did you know how to make ATLATOON ? because my husbund like AFLATOON very much .but i don’t know how to make it .can u please post this recipe on your website as soon as possible? because on 22 Dec is my anniversery and i want give surprise to my husband. so please help me.
    thank you

  76. Leena, use 350 degrees and check on them after 7 or 8 minutes and then every minute after. If you have a glass window in the door of your oven it makes it better because you don’t have to open the door each time. But either way, start checking them earlier and take them out just as the edges start to darken slightly.

    Oven temperatures vary greatly between ovens. Make these adjustments and try making the nan khatai again.

  77. Hello Majulaji,

    I luv your recipes. I tried making Nan khatai and I put it in Oven for 13-14 minutes on 375 degree Farenheit and it got completely burnt.
    I put it on normal Cookie pans
    Please suggest.

  78. Manjula ji I just tried your recipe of nan khatai and it is wonderfull. I tried from long time but never succed but this time I got it thanks alot of teaching me. Plesae send me some recipes of biscuits. Onething I must ask you that why some of biscuit recipes need to keep in the fridge before baking.

  79. Are you using “fine” sooji? Maybe your sooji is too coarse. Either way, you can put it in a small electric grinder to make it even finer before adding it to the recipe.

    See if this helps. Jaya

  80. Thank you Aunty for the recipe. I tried it and it turned out to be so good. I was wondering if there is something we can do to avoid the crunchy feel of sooji in my mouth. I feel the raw taste of rava. Can you roast it and powder it and then add to the flour? What do you think? Would that work?

  81. hello aunty,i made the nan khatai and they came out really well.. i used the cake baking tray and kept it in the upper shelf in the oven and i pre heated it on 350 degrees.. thanks a ton aunty

  82. This is my fev. when I was in India lots of neghbours use to got to bakery to bake their nan khatai. I never liked the idea of going to bakery with home made stuff 🙂
    When last year I came to usa and found Oven in aprtment, I was searching for nan khatai recipe. 🙂 So happy to see one and that too in your site. Hmmm…. Will definitely try this one. Thanks again.

  83. Dear Manjula,
    I came across your website a month back and have been coming back since then! All your recipes are excellent. Tried the nan katai recipe yesterday and it came out beautifully. Keep the great work coming!!
    Thanks a lot.

  84. hello manjula aunty

    I had commented on your pani puri recipe but you haven’t replied yet so please do so.
    I am planning on making your nan khatai. Thanks for your recipe. i was wondering if i could use ENO instead of baking soda because i have no baking soda.
    Thanks and please reply soon:)

  85. Hi Rupa,
    If possible, purchase a good quality, heavy weight cookie sheet.
    If you’re in the US, try stores like Macy’s, Marshall’s, Home Goods, or other stores that sells cooking supplies.

  86. Hello Aunty

    Actually i figured it out… i was trying to take them off the tray too soon… so they were breaking up as they were really soft. they’ve actually turned out really good now…as they hardened up. the colour is great – golden brown. n they are a good consistency now!. My mum is coming back from India today so i wanted to give her a big surprise. I’ve made the nan khatais, gulab jamuns, mattar paneer and aloo bengan. n they’ve all turnd out great! Thank you sooo much for these videos. they’re a great help to all of us!


    Anu… 🙂

  87. Hello manjulaji,

    Your naan khatai recipe worked very well for me,thankyou for that, i wanted to know if we can make spicy naan khatai instead of sweet, if yes kindly let me know as to how can i make the changes to the same recipe.



  88. hey manjula,
    one of my friend made the biscuit recipe u gave . its nice but still its not the right recipe for nankhatai..neither ur nankhatai looks like nankhatai…
    otherwise ur recipes are great.

  89. Hello Aunty,

    I have tried many of your recipies and they all come out very well. I am surprised that such simple and easy-to-make recipes tastes really good. Thank you for all your effort in putting up these videos.

    Right now, I am having tea with Nan khatai that I made an hour back. They are delicious, but just a small doubt. The bottom of the khatai looks slightly burnt, but not a lot. I kept for just under 13 mins. I was wondering if the 375 degree is in Celsius or Farenheit?

  90. I just made these are they came out very well. Just watch that they don’t get over-baked. I took them out around 13 minutes just as they started to get dark golden around the edges.

    Second tip, the cookies spread out while baking so don’t put them too close together on the cookie sheet. Allow for spreading.

    Good recipe, very tasty. My husband has already eaten 3 and they’re still warm from the oven! Thank you Aunty. 🙂

  91. hi aunty,
    I use to make nan kattai but they never came out sooooooooooo tasty thanks your family is very lucky to have such a good cook,but pls remember if u can give me recipe of mawa.
    loads of love

  92. Hello Auntyji

    Today i tried this recipe and it came out well. They tasted very nice. You are doing a great service by providing such easy and tasty recipes with which many like me are benifited. Hope to see more such recipes in your site

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