9 thoughts on “Mixed Sprouts and Arugula Green Salad with White Bean Dressing

  1. I liked this recipe, and it looks good too, i think this is the best recipe among selected five, hope it wins.
    Good luck

    @ Geetha–>>Kidney bean sprouts can be used as garnish for any dish. They are commonly used for soup garnish.

    Simply rinse the kidney bean sprouts under cold water to get rid of any debris such as dirt.

    1. Please never try this salad ,Sprouted kidnay beans are dangerous .Infact should never be consumed.
      Bigger the beans-dont sprout it.Especially pregnant ladies be aware.

    2. I too agree that kidney beans are toxic after sprouting.. don’t try this….and amazing that Manjula Aunty selected this recipe with a very modest presentation…..

  2. I really like this salad and have voted for it 🙂

    I just want to point out one thing that sprouted Red Kidney Beans are very toxic and should never be consumed. Here’s an excerpt from an article”

    “Red kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) have by far the highest concentrations of PHA. The white variety known as cannellini has only about a third of the level of the red kidney beans, but still enough to cause problems if not properly cooked. Kidney beans should never be sprouted for use in salads, and it is not likely that stir-frying kidney bean sprouts is safe, either. The presence of PHA is not, however, limited to beans of the species P vulgaris. It has also been found in significant levels in fava beans (Vicia faba).”

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