Cold Coffee (Iced Coffee)

Cold Coffee (Iced Coffee)

Cold Coffee (Iced Coffee)

To help beat the heat on a hot summer day, there’s nothing like a tall glass of cold coffee.
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Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine Indian
Servings 2 people


  • 8 oz milk
  • 1 tbsp dark roasted instant coffee
  • 3 tbsp sugar
  • 2 cups ice


  • Blend the coffee, sugar and milk 30 seconds until the sugar and coffee are mixed well with milk. Add ice and blend at a high speed for a minute, until frothy.
  • Serve in tall glasses and sprinkle with dry coffee powder.


To turn the cold coffee into the dessert, serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and shaved chocolate.
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50 thoughts on “Cold Coffee (Iced Coffee)

  1. Howdy Manjula! Not many recipes make it into my recipe box. Your iced coffee recipe is absolutely well loved by my friends and family. I’m located in California USA and your recipe is a wonderful refreshing beverage when temperatures reach 32-43C/90-100F.

    I’ve coped your recipe and I keep it handy in my recipe box. I’ve named it Manjula’s Most Delicious Iced Coffee Ever! Every now and again I’ll add a splash of vanilla in it for extra variety but, your ratios of coffee to sugar to milk are exactly what I like. Thank you kindly for sharing your recipe. I’m most appreciative. Wishing you and your family well.

    Los Angeles, California

  2. hello mam ………aap behad achhe dhang se sikhati hai…….maine aaj he cold coffee bnana seekha aapse n try kiya ….mere brother to coffee pekar khush ho gaye………..thanx a lot mam

  3. Hai madam…

    Your presentation is so good…. Like the way u prepare the recipe
    Am going to make it for my family and for you…

    Lots of love… God bless You! 🙂

  4. hello Manjula aunty, i have become a regular visitor to ur kitchen, espically on sundays,i am trying out the recipes and am enjoying learning cooking, which is real fun!
    ur cold coffee was really cool, ! my kids and wife enjoyed it ,with the temp soaring outside !
    I am really great-full and thankful for ur recipes ! i am telling all interested friends and relatives to checkout ur recipes !

  5. Hi Manjula Aunty,

    Your recipes are amazing.
    Just want to know which kind of heavy creme you are using as we are new in US,
    will help us a lot as you are using this kind of creme in most of your recipes and one more thing you also prepared paneer with milk,we tried with 4% milk but dint get that much quantity,so please let us know the milk type as well.

    Thanks on advance,

    1. Hi Manjari,
      I, myself am uncertain of what creme she uses. I live in NY and dairy products are not of the best selection, well at least compared to where I come from. When I want to get heavy creme usually for paneer dishes I go to the section where they have milk, half and half.. and you will see heavy creme there too. That is usually your best bet. As for milk, I like it thick so I get whole milk (red cap) and for chai tea I use half and half but I wish there was something better. I am sure you must have figured it all out by now.

  6. Manjula,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful iced coffee recipe. I tweeked it a bit for my love of coffee flavour (i tried it first…I think my instant coffee is just old is all)….I never thought of using the blender. I love the froth it makes. Very thick and creamy. It was so good my roommate who HATES coffee drank 3 cups LOL.



  7. Aunty Thankyou so much for posting this receipe….!!!

    Earlier when i used to make coffee, i also add milk cream to it, to make it frothy….but experiment fails

    Yours one Succeed…Thank you once again

  8. Hi aunty,

    many of my experiments with cold coffee, failed ….but after seeing ur recipe,it came out very well…myself n my husband enjoyed the cold coffee .got a credit from him too…..:)
    Thanks a lot
    wonderful recipe for this hot summer

  9. Hi Manjula,
    I am so grateful for your website, I found it after I went the first time in my life to an indian restaurant, I was curious about the ingredients of the food I ordered, google brought me here.
    I was in college and all I knew about food is that I can order it from take outs and restaurants or the college cafeteria. Back at home I knew that food came from a place called kitchen, and my mother spent most of her day there 🙂 I never learned how to cook until I found this website, your step by step descriptions, clarity, precision and helpful tips guided me. I am now married and I cook everyday good healthy meals for our family my mother can’t believe herself!! She cooks very well but wasnt a good teacher in the kitchen 😛
    I am from North Africa mind you, but most of the time when I “run out of ideas for supper” I instinctively make the food I learned to cook first: The ones in this website.
    Enough said: THANK YOU!

  10. Hello Manjula Aunty. I love coffee so I liked the recipe but I want to give you a little suggestion for making it. Instead of blending the instant coffee into cold milk, I prefer to make a coffee liqueur first(by simply using hot water or hot milk. you can make it strong or less strong by adjusting amount of coffee and the hot liquid) then strain it with a tee/coffee strainer and then blend it with cold milk,sugar and ice. The advantages are 1. tea/coffee don’t get dissolve very well in cold water/milk. It dissolves better in hot liquid. 2. you can get a smooth cold coffee by straining the liqueur and making cold coffee with it. Otherwise you’ll get granules of coffee in your mouth which is a bit disturbing.

  11. Again, one more recipe in common with Greece. We call it “Frappe”(beaten), it consists of tsp. of instant coffee(“nescafe”), sugar per taste,beaten with little water until frothy and filled with ice cold water and milk per taste. It has replaced the traditional ‘turkish coffee’ of old.

    1. reality check – get out more, greece did not invent frappe, other places call it that too. And everywhere people are drinking more iced coffee and less of traditional kind. I’m glad you’re using this site though good work.

  12. I typically use coffee that is left over and I put it into ice cube trays. Also in place of sugar try maple syrup or a combo simple syrup and maple. Also a bit of vanilla or cardamon.

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