Mathri (Salted Crackers)

Mathri (Salted Crackers)

Mathri (Salted Crackers)

Mathri (Salted Crackers) are similar to salted crisp crackers and are a very popular afternoon snack. Traditionally, mathris are served with spicy pickles.
Makes 40 to 50 mathri.
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Course Appetizer, Snack
Cuisine Indian


  • 2 cup All Purpose flour plain flour or maida
  • ½ cup sooji semolina flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp ajwain
  • 4 Tbsp oil
  • ¾ cup lukewarm water use as needed
  • Oil to fry


  • Mix all the ingredients except the water.
  • Add the water little at a time, kneading into a firm dough.
  • Cover the dough and set aside for 15 minutes or more.
  • Divide the dough into about 40 equal parts.
  • Take each part of the dough and make a flat ball shape. Roll them into 2 inch circles.
  • Prick each mathri with a fork in 5 to 6 places, so the mathris do not puff when frying.
  • Heat the oil in a frying pan on medium heat.
  • The frying pan should have atleast 1 1/2 inch of oil.To check if the oil is ready, put a small piece of dough in the oil. The dough should make the oil sizzle and come up slowly.
  • Fry a few matris at a time. Make sure to place just enough mathris to cover the frying oil.
  • Fry the mathris until both sides are a light golden-brown.


  • Mathris can be stored for a couple of months in airtight containers.
  • If the mathris are cooked on high heat, they will be soft.
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94 thoughts on “Mathri (Salted Crackers)

  1. Excellent post. I used to be checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed!
    Extremely useful information particularly the remaining section 🙂
    I care for such information a lot. I was seeking
    this certain information for a long time.
    Thank you and best of luck.

  2. Hi can I add onions or garlic past to these? I’m guessing it would have to be a smooth paste and would replace some of the water. Is this possible do you know?

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for recipe. I tried it but some they did not come our well. I dont know why my dough was crumbling and i could not make balls and roll it out. The dough was breaking. Is it because of too much oil or that i used room temp oil. Please let me know. I would like to try it again.


  4. Hi Manjula didi, I made matri for the second time and this time it was perfect, though I made only half the quantity. Last time I made it was soft cooked it on high. I followed the instructions. Thank you very much for the receipe.

  5. Auntie Ji, your method and measurement of cooking are superb. Today I tried the mathri… turn out really good… Love it… Keep it up. I’m sure you are enjoying what you are doing… I never like cooking… but since I saw your video on facebook… I’ve tried couple things and have the urge to learn more and more… Love you

  6. Hi ,
    i have read your recipes before and they are easy and quite tasty to read! What is plain flour? Aata?? Isnt there a healthier alternative if we dont want to use Maida?

  7. hello mam,

    I really love u r recepies very much. I tried ur few of ur receips. it came out very well. now i tried samosa the taste of the samosa was awesome. but they didnt come out crispy. outer side came out very soft like puri. pl tell me how to make crispy samosa. I’m looking forward ur response. thank u very much mam.

  8. Hi Manjula,
    I really like all your recepies.
    I have just one quick question regarding mathries.

    Is there any way we can bake mathries instead of fry in oil?
    Would you please suggest the to bake it?

    I will wait for your response.
    Kind regards,

  9. hello manjula,

    your mathris were a great success yesterday evening, when i had friends over for a boardgame and wanted something quick to nibble. i’m in germany and did’nt have sooji, so i replaced it by semolina and polenta, which worked nicely. i also tried the samosa recipe – which is also very nice. i’m looking forward to trying out more of your recipes! thank you for sharing them.


  10. Hi Aunty,

    I made Mathri today, it came out really well 🙂 I loved mathris when my marwari frens got it in their tiffin box..I am happy I found one 🙂


  11. Hello aunty,

    Thanks a lot for posting such wonderful recipes and making it easier for beginners like me in cooking field.

    I tried your Gujiya recipe yesterday and they turned out great. Now I’ll prepare these as festival of Holi is round the corner too!

    I had a quick question for you – Could you specify the measurement of cups in ml as it seems like its different from the ones I got from India.

    Look forward for your reply.


  12. Thank you so much for the recipe. I found it interesting and so tried myself at home and the result was too good! I really like the taste and the crispy taste in the mathri and that too can be made very easily at home.

  13. Bhabhi,

    I was looking for this recipe for a long time and found it it will be a Diwali treat for all the family.

    Please let me know how to make them crunchy as they go soft after frying please help.


  14. Manjulaji,

    Thanks so much for your recipes. I am in India, I find that your proportions are excellent and the dishes come out great. My kids love besan laddoos and mathri.
    Thank you again.

  15. hello manjula ji,
    i really love your recipies very much… i am here in UK with my husband.. he always missed his mother made food.. but now he become very happy with my cooking..i want to say thanks to you…now my husband missed his mother for love atleast not for food…lol…lol…
    with lots of love
    simran brar

  16. Dear Manjula ji

    This is the website i am looking for longtime Your receipes are excellent and the way you are cooking is highly appreciable I prepared panipuri looking after your receipe and it came very well and i was appreciated by my son who loves it
    Thanks a lot

  17. hi aunty
    ur snacks r too good, but for the gravies u have not used onions at all, i dont know but i think all the gravies are the same having hing, ajwain and tomatoes please give us some variations in gravies rather that just the same method for every dish

    1. Mariam, spoken urdu and hindi are very similar, just in writing do they look very different. Also they have a lot of words in common, so the hindi terms used here are very likely to be understood by an urdu speaker.

      However, is there anything in particular you would like in urdu?

  18. Dear Manjula Aunty,
    Tried the recipe. Came out just fantastic. Looks like its not going to last even few days! Loved you website. Going to try the suji ka halwa recipe today. Will keep you posted.

  19. hello aunty,
    I am trying these today. can you suggest me the storage conditions for mathri, because I wish to make and store so that my son can have for tea when I am away for work. How long will these stay? In what condition? Kindly reply.
    Thank you.

  20. Hi All,
    Just for a change you can add to the above ingredients dried ‘kasoori methi’, crush them in your palms and add them to the dried ingredients. You can get it from any Indian store, they are dried fenugreek leaves. It will give you good taste and aroma.

    1. To make a variation with kasoori methi, how much kasoori methi is recommended with respect to the proportion of other main ingredients given by Manjula ji?

  21. Hello auntyji,
    As a newly wed with a husband who loves good home made food, i have become an ardent follower of ur recipes. Can u please suggest/recommend a food processor/ mixie that would also help in making dry masalas, blending, grinding? Should we get an indian mixie over the ones available here in usa like cusiart/oster/kitchenaid??? please help. Thanks.

  22. dear auntiji,
    what brand and model of food processor are u using for your recipes? i get confused when i go to the store to buy one. please let me know ur model and make, that will help me in buying one……can u knead poori and roti dough in this one?

  23. Hi Manjula,

    I tried the mathris…and what a coincidence that Mmmmm wanted to know if it can be done with wholemeal flour. Well i didn’t have suji flour so i susbstituted with wholemeal and it came up perfect as well….my daughters made it with me and were delighted at the wonderful taste. We ate it with chatpata channa raita. It was very filling. Auntie you have wonderful recipes and i will continue learning from you. You make it look so easy..thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  24. Hello

    Can these be made with wholemeal flour instead of white flour?

    It’s my first visit, I’ve been browsing for about 40 mins…I never want to leave ;-)…I’m going to pick one of your recipes each week, a new one each time until I run out.

    I’ve been planning to make ghee for a while now. But can anything be done with the milk solids, or are they waste?

    Thank-you for a wonderful site.

  25. Hi Manjula Aunty,

    I tried many of your recipes & all of them were just gr8, u r such a nice teacher :). I tried mathris, they taste very gud but are very hard to break not crisp, pls guide me where i went wrong.

    Thank you for all ur recipes.

  26. Hi Anty this mathri can make without suji becouse i am staying in lac la biche ab canada and indian grocry from here is 300km so pls sugest me can make

  27. Thank you so much for your recipes and videos. I have a question though.. for Mathris — ingredient list says 1/4th cup of sooji but on the video you say 1/2 cup sooji and for water — on the list it is 3/4 cup but on the video you add 1/2 cup, so which is should I follow ?


  28. hi,

    making these mathris is a breeze with the puri-making press. my 4 year old daughter presses all the mathris (as she loves to eat them too) & makes cooking fun..

    making bigger batches for handy snacks this way is faster.

    what can be more tempting than mathris always within hands reach with mango pickles…

  29. Finding alternatives to deep frying is a challenge even in “American” cooking because frying gives a crispiness and crunchiness to the texture that we are used to with certain foods – mathris, kachoris, samosas, french fries, onion rings, and so forth.

    I look forward to baked alternatives also.

  30. Dear manju didi i love this site and i tried the gol gappas (pani puri ) but after few min they become soft my husband liked them too much when i served but after few min they turned soft don,t no why what should i do to make them perfect

  31. Chitra,
    See Manjula’s note above under “Tips”. Oil that is too hot will make matrhis soft.
    One would think hot oil will make something crispy, but in the case of things like mathris and kachoris, the oil heat must be more like a medium high heat. The mathris should not rise too quickly when you place them in the oil. They should rise, but not instantly like if cooking puri. Frying mathris requires a little patience (and practice). Hope this helps.

  32. Hello Aunty,
    I made matris yesterday.
    They were too good.Absolutely crispy and yummy.
    Thanku Aunty for such a nice recipe and you show it wonderfully.
    Thanks a lot.
    keep posting more recipes.
    Great job Aunty.


  33. Hi Manjula aunty,
    Wow! Looking at this made me miss my mom so much. Back home, Mom makes mathris just like these and we have spent many evenings eating these with tea. I am going to try making these today and I hope they come out as good as yours and my mom’s. 🙂 Waiting for more yummy recipes. Thank you. 🙂

  34. hello manjula aunty,

    Please tell me can we replace maida with wheat flour to make mathris. If so could you give the recipe for wheat flour mathris.

  35. Hello!

    I am looking your fantastic indian cooking in internet, sounds very tasty!

    Can you tell us how to make doklas with rice flour? there is a need of oorad daal?


  36. hi manjula ji…u just rock the show…hats off to u….i just love the way u present urself….n doing a fantastic job…thank u so much….

    just prepared mathri’s 1 hour back they taste too good but turned out to b soft …i dont know where i went wrong…my measurements were right..but i dint soak the dough for 20 mins…is this required….

  37. hallo manjula ji,
    i have one que. which food processor u have. which one is the best in market. as i m new in dallas. so i dont know much about everything

  38. hello aunty first of all i would like to thank you for sharing your recepies with us. I will surely try this recepie of yours though i have tried this recepie before also but wasn’t successful so i hope taking all the ingridients in perfect measurement i will surely make it good this time, once again thank you very much for sharing you recepies.

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