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    1. Rashmi, salted or unsalted butter will not make any noticeable difference. Unsalted is preferred in baking, but as long as your butter doesn’t have a strong salty taste you can use either kind. Use only the ingredients listed, baking powder isn’t used in this one.

        1. @ jaya i tried them taste was delicious thx a lot for the recipe
          one thing want to ask that the cookies were soft from middle what went wrong …can u please tell me so that next time when i try they will be perfect n more crispy

  1. I am excited about making these cookies. They are in the oven right now and i see that they have increased in size to about three times!! I had no idea as i am new to baking and i only wish i had known this before placing them just a 1.5 inches apart 🙁

    So for all those who try this for teh first time, make sure the cookies are very small to begin with.

    The taste will be updated about when the cookies are ready .

    1. Shalini,
      If you make them smaller – make sure that you adjust the baking time accordingly when they’re in the oven, as it will take a little less time because of size.
      Better yet, generally when baking, when you are using a standard size cookie baking sheet – you only put twelve pieces dough per pan – four rows of three, giving plenty of room for expansion. You should not try to crowd them.
      Hope this helps – I love baking!

  2. Dear Vidhya,

    thanks for the lovely recipe.I tried it today and they were awesome. Husband liked it immensly and kids want some more for the weekend. Just one question, can i put a dot of jam on it while baking……just to make it little more tempting ?

  3. Vidhya, regarding your coconut cookies – in the picture it looks like there are several strands of saffron in the cookies, but there is no mention of saffron in the recipe.

    Is this the correct photo for your cookies? Please reply regarding the saffron.

    Thank you.

  4. Hi,

    I read the comments before starting so I slightly adjusted the flour, sugar, and butter measurements: I used 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup sugar, and 1 stick butter. Also, my dough was a little dry so I used 2 tsp milk to help soften/smooth the dough. My cookies were finished baking in 15 min. Thanks for sharing this recipe–these cookies were quick and easy to make and tasted yummy with tea!

    1. Hi Rani,
      If you are using fresh shredded coconut please dry roast them in a pan or even in the oven till there is no moisture .As the moisture in the coconut may change the way the cookies turn out.(I haven’t tried this but I am positive the fresh shredded coconut would be ok if dry roasted.)

  5. Thanks for trying it out. About the sweetness, normally for cookies half the quantity of all purpose flour is the quantity of sugar recommended. In this recipe I have used a little more than that. But again it is a matter of taste – some may like it a little sweeter 🙂
    About the baking time – one possible reason I could think of could be the size of the cookies you might have made. Mine were small – and the smaller the cookies, lesser the cooking time. And another thing I learned from my experience is that cookies may look and feel soft when taken out from the oven, but would harden to the right consistency once cools down.
    Hope you would try this again and let us all know your experience.

  6. Hi,
    I made these today.. for me i felt it needed some more sugar in it. Wasnt enough sweet for me, also had to bake for another 6-7 minutes instead of 15 mins as mentioned.


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