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Coconut Burfi

Coconut Burfi

Coconut Burfi

Coconut Burfi is made with coconut powder combined with a cardamom flavored sugar syrup. This is a scrumptious dessert or snack.
Makes 24 to 30 pieces.
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Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian


  • 1 cup heavy cream or whipping cream
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup dry milk powder
  • ½ cup coconut powder
  • ½ cup grounded walnut
  • ¼ teaspoon cardamom powder


  • Grease an 8-inch round or square plate and set aside.
  • Boil the heavy cream on medium-high heat.
  • After milk comes to a boil, turn the heat down to low-medium heat.
  • Add the sugar and Stir so sugar is dissolve.
  • Let it simmer six to seven minutes making sure to stir frequently. The milk syrup should heat until 230 degrees on candy thermometer or one thread.
  • Add the milk powder and mix well. Stir for about two to three minutes on medium heat or until the mixture should start leaving the pan.
  • Turn off the heat and add cardamom powder, coconut powder and ground walnut and mix well.
  • Spread on a greased plate about 1/2 inch thick and let it cool for about an hour. Cut the burfis in square or diamond shapes, or any desired shape.


If sugar syrup heats to above 230 degrees, the burfi will be dry. If the syrup is not thick enough, the burfi will take longer to cook with dry milk powder, making the burfi chewy like taffy.
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54 thoughts on “Coconut Burfi

  1. I stumbled upon your web site. I love Indian food, one of my dearest friends is from North Indian. I’m so excited that I found you, I hope to learn to cook some of your recipes. Thank you for sharing your great cooking with us.

    Rhonda from Ft. Worth Texas

  2. Hello Aunty,

    i tried this recipe 4 to 5 times.and always result was awful.


    i have one request… can u please teach us plain burfi.i love plain khoya barfi.i cannot find here tasty burfi.please teache me how to make plain burfi…

  3. Hello Aunty,

    I am staying @ INDIA. I like the way you make fresh & hygienic homemade “khoya”, because personally i don’t like to buy outside khoya.

    Today, I am planning to do “coconut Laddoo”, for this recipes can I use “fresh coconut “?

    For Laddoo , I am planning to use your homemade “Khoya & in that I’ll use fresh grated coconut, little bit milk, cardimum powder, sugar & I’ll cook until it will become laddoo” so my laddoo become soft & creamy?

    Give me your reply as soon as possible, because today i am going to make this laddoo.

    Thank You

      1. Hello,

        I have made the coconut Ladoo & they were so testy, that I couldn’t express it. It is all because of you Manjula aunty. Your home made “khoya” (in Mohanthal receipe) has done magic for me.

        I have 1 request to you that please can you show us how to make “Egg-less cake” in pressure cooker? because, I don’t have oven & my mummy is vegetarian, so for my mother I want to make it. pleaseeeeeeee

        Thank You

  4. This video was really helpful. I was making a Gits barfi kit and did not understand what “until the mixture leaves the pan” meant. Now it is clear to me. I pulled it off the heat way to early.

    Now seeing how simple the ingredient list is, I am going to just buy the ingredients and make my own! Thanks Aunty!

    1. Jenni, I’m going to guess that they cannot be substituted because 2% milk has too little fat in it. Whipping cream is closer to 40% milk fat. The 2% milk might be too thin, but… you can always try and see what happens!

      If you do, please report back how it turned out. Jaya 🙂

  5. hi..aunty..
    your receipes r so good….

    i want to knw can i use condensed milk for whiping cream…? and if i use condensed milk hw much suger i want to use? also i want to knw dat ur using coconut powder or shreded coconut powder..pls reply..

  6. I have face this problem earlier also and now also am wondering how do we knoe the temperature is 230 degrees… In our household we do not have thermometers for the same… is there any other way we can ensure the same. Even when i was making boondi ladooo.. it became all hard because of the same… please advise…

  7. hello manjula aunty,
    could you please tell how does this 1 thread
    counted while making the sugar syrup in different
    sweet dishes.kindly tell about it please.

  8. I do not have heavy cream can I use condensed milk to make the coconut burfi?

    Also have you ever used this recipe with cocoa powder?

    I am trying to make this recipe today so a quick response would be appreciated! 🙂 thank you

  9. hello mam gdmorning
    i maked coconut warfi in very short time . its amazingly wonderful. thanks but a little problem which i had faced that warfi which i make is little more soft .

  10. hello aunty,

    thank you for ur wonderful recipes, which have made me gain interest in cooking..

    can you please tell me where did u get this thermometer with all the data inscribed in it ..

  11. hi manjula aunty,
    i live in germany and i really miss some of the sweets. And i don’t like buying them from indian stores as i don’t know when they have been packed.
    But after seeing ur recipies i tried most of them n they all really came out well. Thanks for ur recipies. Ur website is of great help to all those people like me who live far frm our home country.

    For making coconut burfi dry coconut powder is used or the fresh one is used?

  12. Hi Ma’am, I’ve prepared your Coconut burfi recipe several times now each time with a little twist of my own and it has turned out really nice everytime.. As you’ve mentioned in your site, half the fun in cooking is in experimenting.. the other half, 😉 – is in realizing how simple cooking can be by seeing your simple cooking videos..
    Thanks for the effort you’ve put in sharing such wonderful recipes with rest of us..
    Looking forward for many more recipes from you.. 🙂

    By the way, the website is really good looking..
    I always used to see ur videos in Youtube and had never realized you had a website.. When was this website launched?

  13. dear manjula ……i am a great great fan of urs…… i have made a lot of ur recipes and invited a lot of people over dinner and have been really really appreciated.but i know the real appreciation goes to u….thankyou so very much…..u r doing a great job….looking at u i get a very motherly feeling especially as i am staying abroad….recently i made rasgulla but since the cooker was small they all sticked to each other…looking forward to still more good recipes…pallavi

  14. hi ,
    in the video you say to boil the milk and in the ingridients it says heavy cream….so do I use milk or heavy cream? please reply back soon and great recipe you have shown us!
    thank you….

  15. hello aunty,
    Happy new year to u n ur family!
    Can u please tell me how to make this burfi using condensed milk instead of cream and how much to use? Also, is coconut powder the same as coconut flakes?

    thank u..

  16. Hi Anju,
    Dry milk powder is simply milk that has had the liquid removed. The dry powder has a long shelf life and can be reconstituted to make milk again.

    It’s useful in cooking because you get the thickness without spending hours cooking regular milk until it’s reduce to a thick mass which is the basis for sweets like burfi.

    The only substitution is to cook milk the long way on the stove top stirring often. It’s worthwhile to get dry milk powder instead and should be easy to find in the baking section of a grocery store.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  17. Hello Manjula Aunty,

    How r u doing? I wanted to try coconut burfi but i have a question to ask. What is dry milk powder and is there any subsitute for the same. And also can i make this burfi with fresh grated coconut?

    Thanks a lot, we love u a lot.. u r really a insipiration for me.

  18. hi aunty ,
    thanks for taking trouble to reply me well I would like to give u the good news I tried same recipie given by u with fresh coconut it came out really good & my husband finished half of it very first time I thought of sharing the idea with u so that others can benefit & u can give us more recipies as well as u also get more regards from everyone but all compliments I got is becoz of u thanks for teaching me like a mother.
    love u.

  19. Dear aunty,
    thanks for new recipie ,I wait everyday for a new recpie from your side as u have all great ones will try this one today but I wanted to ask u if I can use fresh coconut in this recipies awaiting your reply a big hug to u I wish I was close to u to send my daughter to take classes from u .
    loads of love

  20. Great dessert!!!!! it’s very easy to make it, isn’t it??

    One question, heavy cream is the same that milk cream or double cream???

    thank you for your help!!!!


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