Hari Chutney – Cilantro Chutney

Hari Chutney - Cilantro Chutney

Hari Cilantro Chutney

Hari chutney is a blend of fresh cilantro (green coriander) and variety of spices. Hari chutney is a “must” with pakoras, samosas, chaats, and many popular Indian snacks. Like ketchup and other popular condiments, hari chutney can be used in a variety of different ways!
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5 10 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Indian
Servings 6 people


  • 1 large bunch of cilantro. will be about cups
  • 3 green chilies chopped about 2 tbsp
  • 3 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1/2 inch ginger
  • 1-1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds jeera
  • 1 tsp oil
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1/8 tsp asafetida hing


  • Blend all ingredients, except the cilantro, into a paste. Add cilantro, a little at a time, and blend until smooth. Add water as needed.
  • Taste and adjust salt, green chilies, or lemon juice as desired.


Using a little oil and sugar keeps the color fresh.
While cleaning cilantro (hara dhania) chop off just the thick stems.
You can make hari chutney in large quantity in advance and freeze it in ice cube trays. Store the frozen cubes in a zip-lock plastic bag. When ready to serve, defrost as many cubes of hari chutney as needed.  If you freeze the hari chutney soon after preparing, the chutney will not lose its bright green color and freshness.
Mix mint leaves (without stems) with cilantro half and half.
Serving Suggestions:
To make a delicious dip for vegetables, chips, or crackers, mix one part chutney and three parts yogurt.  
To make a sandwich spread, mix 1 part chutney and 2 parts cream cheese.
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152 thoughts on “Hari Chutney – Cilantro Chutney

  1. Hello Manjula,
    I am getting ready to make cilantro chutney from your recipe, it sounds yummy ,
    I am wondering how come you not frying asafetida in oil before adding to chutney, I never came across using hing in any recipes so far without cooking it .
    Thanks so much for all wonderful recipes, I love them all.


    1. Hello Manujula,

      I have watched you making the Cilantro chutney and it is amazing how the chutney is made without any form of cooking. However, I will positively make it along with your Tamarind Chutney in order to have the Idli Chaat. Please could you tell me the brand of the mixer grinder you used to make the cilantro chutney, looks very sturdy and great grinder. Appreciate it if you will share the name/brand of this mixer grinder unit.

      Looking forward to hearing from you,


  2. Hello Manjula Auntie,

    I’m writing from Ontario, Canada. My mom loves your website and always tells me to look for nice recipes on it. It is now my 2nd or 3rd time making this recipe and it is wonderful. To make a difference, I didn’t have ginger so I left it out, and my mom suggested adding onions and mint so I did. What a delight. The original recipe is WONDERFUL as well.

    Thanks for sharing these recipes with the world@

  3. Hi mam,
    I am mukta needs your suggestion for making of sweet chuteny including tamarind & khajur for making a tasty bhelpuri. But it should last for minimum 15 to 20 days.
    Can you please help me in this process.

    Can man,

  4. Hi Auntie,

    I was wondering if it is necessary to use asafetida in the hari chutney recipe? or can you suggest a replacement for asafetida as it is hard to find were I live.

  5. Manjula Aunty — I just wanted to say thank you for your website and for making Indian cooking approachable for a non-Indian! This chutney is the best green chutney I have ever tasted, including restaurant chutneys! My favorite variation is to add equal parts mint and cilantro. I make this in bulk and stockpile it in the freezer since my husband now considers it and essential food.

  6. Hello and Namaste Auntie Manjula,

    I’ve frozen these chutneys in the freezer just as you’ve suggested, in the ice cubes. I’ve used them for quite a while after making the muong dal soup. Now it’s been over a month. When do they go bad? Thank you in advance for your advance.

    D. Marks

  7. Thank you for the video, which shows exactly how to make your green chutney. We are an American family which loves Indian food, and the Cilantro Chutney is a particular favorite! Thank you for the instruction. I am making some right away!

    Sincerely, Kitty

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  9. Namaste Manjula aunty,
    I love your recipes. Please tell me what kind is green chilies do you use for this chutney? I live in US and as you know many kinds of chillies are available in store.

  10. Hello Aunty,

    I tried the cilantro chutney today and it was fabulous. Much better than the dhania chutney in a jar with garlic and preservatives in it. Thank you.
    I have a request: ginger pickle with tomato in it. It is quite popular side chutney with Dosa/idli. Please advice on the recipe or even better… a video!

    Thank you.

  11. Hi Manjula
    I’ve made this chutney three times. The first batch was amazing but the second & third were quite bitter. I know it was the cilantro because I tasted a leaf and it was bitter. Are there different types of cilantro? I got mine from an asian market in the fall. Should I cut the stems off and use only the leafs? Maybe it was not ‘ripe’ (picked too young or too old)? I would really love to make it again. Is there anything I can add to lessen the bitter taste? If you have any advice, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks. Fantastic site by the way!

  12. I love this chutney recipe. I prepared it first time when I made your recipe for grilled tofu sandwich. Since, I have completely changed the way I’m making sandwiches.
    The flavor of cilantro combined with asofetida just makes it addictive; me and my husband we love this chutney!

  13. Dear Manjula
    you and your blog are a gift from Heaven! We livei n Italy where exotic food is scarce. I have stocked my pantry with all sorts of spices I get the Himalaya store catering to a larg community of Bangladeshi, but always found hard to figure out recipes for dishes that I never tasted originally. Now with your simple videos and recipe’s instructions we ca cook your lovely authentic food dishes! Already we have made Chola Tikki (twice the first time they fell apart while cooking – potatoes not cold) and the tamarind Chutney I absolutely adore! Tonight we try Dal Makhani! One question, do you use dry curry leaves the same as the fresh (can’t get them fresh)? Thank you – a fan!

  14. I think there is a typo in the salt measurement. I made this and it was way too salty to eat- 1 1/2 teaspoons is a lot of salt! I’m going to buy another bunch of cilantro and a bunch of mint tomorrow to add to it tomorrow to try to dilute the salt. Other than that is seems delicious!

  15. Experienced the splendor of this amazing chutney last week end when my friend, Tina Carrick served it with an elegant pork roast. It has an amazing fragrance, color, and, of course..taste.

    Can hardly wait to make some for my family!

    I suspect that your website will become an important stopping point on my “Favorites” list! Thank you for sharing this little jewel with all of us!

  16. Best recipe for hari chutney ever. The lemon juice, oil, and sugar really helps hold the green color. I’m going to make lots with the cilantro in my garden and freeze it. What a great way to have fresh cilantro all year round!

  17. This Recipe is wonderful just the way it is and My family loves the Hing or asafetida! I have made the dressing,and dip!Also freezing this in the Cubes great idea,friends stop over you can make something quick.
    My family loves Italian Sauce also used asafetida to make this and no one could tell the difference!
    After learning Garlic and Onions are natural medicines but long term use can damage Lungs from onions,green onions hurt the Kidneys,garlic can kill the natural friendly Flora in the Gut and hurt the heart. Spiritually Garlic and Onions may cause aggressive behavior, slow thinking,also with many other findings.

  18. Hi Manjula,

    I’ve tried a few of your recipes now and they always turn out great, thanks in no small part to the informal and relaxed way you describe the process! Just tried this chutney recipe even though I’m not a huge fan of coriander and it’s great, quite refreshing! I though it was a little too “coriandery” for me though, so I added a teaspoon of ginger powder and half a teaspoon of Sumac and that helped smooth to coriander top note out a little, so if anyone reads this, you might want to try that for a slightly different taste.

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  20. For those who don’t want to use asafetida (hing) because you can’t get it locally or think the smell is too vile in your spice rack, just use some onion powder instead.

  21. Dear Manjula,

    Thanks a ton for your recipes. Btw, I guess you have mistakingly used the word ‘Ginger’ for ‘Adrak in this recipe. Request you to change it to ‘Garlic’ as ‘Adrak’ is known as Garlic in English.

    Hope this request wud be taken in the right spirit.

    Thanks & Regards

  22. Dear Manjula Auntie,


    I can’t express enough thanks to you for teaching such valuable and delicious recipes..I keep trying different recipes..and they do turn out good.What my mom could not do you have done..and she is really happy to know this.

    Thanks once again!

  23. Lovely recipes, easy and I have tried the Pav Bhaji,Aloo Gobi,green chutney and Muthia they came out fantastic.You have some wonderful videos.They make things much easier to understand.I search for authentic recipes in different cuisines and I just loved the muthia which was very different and a healthy option for appetizer.Thanks

  24. Hello Manjula Aunty,

    How long can I freeze and keep the hari chutney?
    Thanks for the yummy recipes. I also found your tips and the section on Spices and Grains very useful. Many thanks 🙂

  25. Hello Aunty ,

    For the last one year I have been watching your videos . They are very nice and I recently tried out the mint chutney. It turned out extremely well . Myself and mu husband loved it . It is a wonderful website to learn cooking !!! :-))

  26. Manjulaji,
    What a way to serve the community. Thanks a lot for all your hard work.
    May god bless you with more thoughts and enough strength to make them become a recipe.Thanks again, I love your show.

    1. Asafetida is a gum resin from a tree. In cooking, it gives a tang that you would otherwise get if you used onion and garlic.

      If you don’t have hing/asafetida, just omit it. IMO it’s not a critical ingredient. Further if you put in to much it ruins the taste of the dish.

  27. I tried this recipe of hari chutney. It was awesome, perfect to the dot. I used a handful of mint leaves too.
    Each time I asked some of my North Indian friends for the hari chutney recipe all they would say is use Cilantro, Mint and Green chilli, but I never got the right taste nor color. Your recipe is very good. Thank you!!!

  28. Hi, Manjula,
    Thank you very much for these recipes, and for your kindness.
    I’ve cooked the cilantro chutney, it’s very, very good. My husband and I enjoyed it very much.


  29. hello Manjula, I just noticed that a lot of Indian cuisine require asafetida (hing), I just want to know why do you use it for, what does it do in food or cooking, and can I omit it, and If I do, does it affect the taste of the food. thanks. Greetings from Saudi Arabia, Mohammed.

    1. Hello Mohammed,

      asafetida(Hing) is used since it gives a nice smell to your food.Many people do not like its smell in normal condition but when it is processed with other materials, it gives very nice smell to the food.For example, next time when you cook any dry green vegetable, just take one or two pinch of hing and make it powder(if not already) and put it in oil which we use for chaunk(Bagar) along with cumin seeds.
      Indian food processing is based on keeping health in mind. Hing is a medecine and helps in diagestion of food properly. So tase and health are two reasons for using it.

      1. Additional to above, Few benefits which I know and have realized for other regular used Spices
        1. Chilly powder: Conatins good amount of Iron, Vitamin A,C,B and E.
        2. Termeric powder: Anticeptic, Blood purifier
        3. Corriander seeds powder: Chilly and termeric creates heat, so corriander is opposite.It is cold oriented.Contains Vitamins A,B and C.
        4. Salt: Contains Iodin and watery in nature.
        5. Hing: Helps in digestion of food
        6. Cumin seeds: hign in protein(alomst 17% per 100 grams).Also it is cold in nature.

  30. hi manjula aunty,
    my name is swarupa.i want biscuits with all purpose flour and sugar and egg or if you now any thing.because i love bisuits.i am search in many web sights.i am tried out some of your recipes like bread pakoras,bundgobi and mutter and some of your recpies.my husband like it.so please post recipe biscuits to my mail id.thank u aunty.

  31. Dear Manjula Sister ji,
    I was wondering if u could post mint chutney? I make prety good mint chutney but i love the ones at the restaurants (u know the sweet kind). Also, are u from punjab?Ok take care. thanks for everything.

  32. Hi Manjula Aunty,
    What brand of mixer/blender you use while grinding coriander/mint for making chutney especially hara chutney? Because while I make hara chutney at home, it doesn’t come out at right consistency. I want to buy a mixer/blender to grind coriander/mint for making chutney at home . I have a coffee grinder but I can’t grind coriander/mint leaves with water in it……………as I can’t use water while grinding in coffee grinder(the manual says so). So, plz plz help me. I am waiting for your suggestions.

  33. Dear Manjula Aunty, I got married three years ago and came to the U.K. after the wedding. I started cooking only after I got married and my my husband taught me 🙂
    I basically only knew how to make channa dal for two years. I connect the laptop in the kitchen and have recently tried out some of your recepies like ginger asparagus and today we made chaat. My husband loved it. Thank you ever so much.

  34. hello aunty,
    You are really gr8. I’ve tried some of ur recipe and they taste so good. luv u and ur recipe…….
    please can u give recipe for pudina chutney. I like that but dont know how to prepare. I hope u’ll help me.

  35. Hi Manjulaji, I am totally new in cooking but after watching your receipe and now I can say i have
    become a good cook thank you so much.. for coming out this idea and sharing everybody your recipe..
    Harry Sambhwani

  36. Hello Manjula Aunty,
    Your recepies are wonderful. I tried out of a few of them, they turned out very well. You give exact details and the measurements, think you do lot of homework for them. When ever I get tiered of my recepies I turn on to your amazing website. Its like the Indian Food Network for me. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  37. Dear Aunty-ji,

    The hari chutney turned out delicious and so did the aloo-gobhi. It is so helpful to know so many good recipes which does not use onion-garlic. I often have to make food for Bhog and these recipes fall perfectly in that category.Thank you so much for sharing your recipes.

    Warm regards,

  38. Hi Manjula ji,

    Thanks so so much for telling the recipie.. I am so glad that i found you over this vast Internet. You make things so simple. I never had thought that i will prepare kachories, dhokla & gulab jamun at home.. But everything you taught me turned out to be the delicious one.
    Also , i want to appreciate the way you explain each & everthing starting from ingredients in hindi & english & ultimately the full recipie.. You are so clear & so very soft.
    I really admire you..
    Thanks once again for spreading your talent.


  39. Dear Manjula aunty,

    Your receipes are really just great….easy to make, very properly every step detailed, makes cooking a great fun…i hav tried ur recipes and thy were great….thanks to your website frm where many can learn and experience new recipes…it has surely made me a good cook with so much of variety…aunty May God Bless You and lukng foward to many more ones to come…..Happy Diwali to n ur family:)

  40. aunty you are goddess of indian vege recipes…..i am glad i discovered your website and will share with all my friends….your recipes are as wonderful as you…..you are doing a great job by helping ppl like us who are away from our moms here in america…..we can follow ur vdeos / instrcutions for recipes and enjoy all the food we dream of anytime…..thank you very much 🙂 and happy diwali to you and your family!!

  41. Dear Manjula mam,
    Your recipes are amazing…Simple authentic to most extent and delicious when you keep trying them on and on again. I did not get it right at the first time…..I am based in aussie and it has been passed to all my friends..My husband is Italian and he loves your recipes….I have got addicted to your website and every day and especially weekend your recipes are a part of our gathering.. Thankyou for making things so simple and easy for people like us..You are blessed……thank you once again

  42. aunty….u r so good in explaining recipes. u patience, n ur presentaion is superb.
    u r a big super hit in this field…keep up your fabulous job. great cheers ! we like your simplicity !

  43. Hi Manjula Mam,

    The recipes and the videos are very interesting. Especially, I like your way of presenting the recipes with a lot of tips and details.

    Best wishes!!


  44. Hello Manjula aunty,

    Thank you so much for this receipe. My husband loves this chutney.
    Thank you once again..You are doing a fabulous job!!!!!!

  45. I accidentally put a little bit more than a pinch of acefoetida and it came out too salty. (it was my frist time using it.) When Manjula says a pinch she means a pinch!

  46. Hello Manjula Aunty,

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I just made it today and it was the best taste ever that I have had.

    You remind me of my Mom ( her name is Manju 🙂 ) and I feel like I am seeing my mom making/teaching me recipes.

    I am so glad I found your website and videos. They all seem so simple to try and you are so calm and so poised in your videos.

    Thank You once again..You are doing a fabulous job!!!!!!


  47. hi manjula ji.I have one question that 1)can we use sour cream with daniya chutney to make sandwich spread.
    2)could you please tell me where we can use sour cream for cooking.

  48. Thank you for the great suggestion about the ice cube tray! I had no idea this chutney could be frozen, and since I like it but my husband doesn’t, I was wasting too much of it. Great idea.

  49. Respected manjulaji,
    thanks a tons as in this video u have not only given recipiebut also so many good & useful suggestions I would like to have more of your other recipies but will appreciate if u also give pickle or achaar as it’s mango season these days or any other veg pickle as my husband loves all your recipies & I haven’t left trying anyone .

  50. Many thanks for the serving suggestions! Cilantro chutney is my favorite kind, but I had never thought of making a dip, sandwich spread, or salad dressing with it!

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