10 thoughts on “Bean Sprouts Salad Spring Roll

  1. I think it’s the way you worded it Angel and how it soundd that came off wrong – before the contestant had a chance to respond, my first thought after reading your post was – that’s a little rude, isn’t it? Glad you apologized though because everyone has different ideas and not everyone thinks the same.

    1. The salad spring-rolls look delicious and oh so “summery”. I would love to try these. But please let’s stick with the presentaion that’s really appropriate. Unless the flowers were used in the recipe (some edible flowers are used in recipes) their use just seems redundant. Garnish and presentation should really represent the dish, and complement it. Maybe it’s just me….

      1. Thanks for your advice.
        My idea behind the flowers were to make it represent SPRING-THE ACTUAL THEME OF THE CONTEST.

        I have seen fresh flowers used in fabulous cakes to decorate even by proffesionals.

          1. Oh dear! I did not mean to upset you!!! In fact I really liked your salad. It looks pretty, delicious as well as seems so cooling on the palate! I just earnestly thought it could have used some other way (than flowers) to beautify it more. I apologize if you took it any other way. And yes I am totally aware of the flowers being used in food decore, especially cakes and salads. Most cakes use edible fresh flowers like roses, lavender, day lilies, Bagonias and even chrysanthemums. There are soooo many of them! And some cakes even use these flowers made of gum paste (sugar). So totally agree with you on that.

            You did a good job on the recipe. Many congratulations on winning:)

          2. Thanks.I learn’t something new.I did not know that the flowers you have mentioned are edible.Now it makes sense why only certain types of fresh flowers are used in decoration.
            Thanks a lot for the advice.I really appreciate it .

          3. I really liked the way Spoorthy presented her dish. I think she used that flowers only to represent her dish more colourful and attractive. We can use edible flowers when we put that flowers on the top of the food like cake or dessert to decorate it. But here Spoorthy used those flowers around the serving plate to make it’s appearance more refreshing and colourful. We often see beautiful flower vase in the restaurants just because of that. Otherwise there is no meaning to put a flower vase on the serving table of Restaurants.

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