Anniversaries Time

December is an important month; the old year is ending and a New Year is about to begin. In December, people think about their lives and make New Year’s resolutions; I don’t know how many of us follow our resolutions but it is still good to make the resolutions and try to live up to them. Coming up with my own resolutions makes me think about the past year and what really happened. It reminds me of things I enjoyed or was excited about and other things that made me feel down. In both cases, thinking about why I felt and acted as I did helps me to see what I should be doing in my life, today and in the future.

Another important thing about December for me is that this is the month of my own and my elder son’s wedding anniversaries.

Two years ago, on December 23rd, my husband put the very first video recipe (Gulab Jamun) on YouTube for me. I get a great deal of satisfaction and happiness from doing these videos. I want to thank my viewers for their support and their interesting and satisfying comments. My husband sometimes has a big smile while reading some of the comments and will tell me they are feeding my ego. Well, speaking as a cook, egos need to be fed, too, don’t they?

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11 thoughts on “Anniversaries Time

  1. Hi Manjula Aunty,

    Happy New Year and Sankranti !!!
    I love your recipes a lot… I tried Rasgullas(not in the first attempt), Cabbage Kofta, Bread Pakora. They came out sooo good.
    I love your way of cooking and explaining minute details…
    Please show me how to prepare Tomato Soup.

    Waiting for more of your mouth-watering recipes.

  2. Hi Manjulaji:
    Many many happy returns to your Wedding Anniversary! I pray to my Allah for you both; so He gives you a healthy and happy life ahead. Congratulations to your son and daughter in law too; I am sure they are very lucky to have you as their mom.
    I believe you are not only the best cook but also a wonderful teacher; your simple way of teaching inspires so many young cooks here in this forum.
    Best wishes for my favorite cook!!!!!

  3. Hello Aunty,

    Happy Wedding Anniversary to you and to your Son. Wish You A Happy New Year in Advance. Thankyu for your wonderful recipes and tips. Thanks to all who help you to make these videos.

  4. Hello Manjula Aunty,

    First of all, you are doing a great, selfless work through YouTube videos. I happened to visit your channel today. I watched all your videos continuously.

    What your kitchen sets apart from all the TV shows is the homely environment you bring into your shows. I can see my mother cooking for me. You are guiding countless number of Indians who are away from home, yet longing for home made food.

    Congratulations on your marriage anniversary too. I pray to God, that he gives you a long life to continue this service. I wish you a very Happy New Year and wishing more audience to your YouTube Channel.

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