Everyday Lunch Menu - Indian Vegetarian Recipes by Manjula

Planning a menu is fun and easy. Many factors will affect your choice of menu.

  • Are you planning a meal for only yourself, or for your family?
  • What type of event is this? Is this a casual brunch of formal dinner?
  • How many people have you invited?
  • If it is a formal get-together, then for what occasion, what time of the day, and what time of year?
  • What are the guests’ ages, and do any guests have any dietary restrictions?
  • How long will be the get-together last?
  • How much time do you have to prepare?

Think about the variety of dishes. Think of colors, textures and complementary dishes.

If you are cooking for your family, I believe the menu should be simple. You want to make sure that the food is balanced, healthy, and delicious. A simple Indian menu will include the following:

The meal may be finished with fruit or a simple dessert.

For a formal get-together, if your appetizers are heavy, then the dinner should be light. If the guests will be staying longer after dinner, then you can plan for a heavier dessert. Otherwise, the dessert should be light and served just after dinner. When making appetizers or snacks, I like to make sure they are light and not a substitute for my main dishes.

More tips for Menu planning and suggestions:

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