Working on Few New Recipes

Lately I have been in mood to work on new recipes and create some new dishes! Some recipes are inspirations from my trip to India and others are my own.

I am especially excited about a new dessert using coconut milk with Agar-agar. For those of you that don’t know Agar-agar is a sea weed and works like a vegetarian gelatin (similar to Jello-O). I have no idea why I wanted to make this as I have not tasted anything like this before with this combination. My first attempt as this dessert was not the best as it ended up like a brick as I used too much Agar-agar. However, I knew that I could perfect this recipe into something great! I knew I had to be patient and keep trying different variations. By my second, third and fourth attempt, the recipe was getting better and better. I like it more and more every time. Some of my friends have already tried this dessert out and the responses have been very encouraging. I am coming to the final trial; hopefully, my final perfected recipe will be ready soon. But still I don’t have a name for it.

Today my niece and her husband came for dinner. I decided on a menu with many of the recipes that am working on for the website. They both enjoyed the Masala Papad, Bread Vada, and lotus stem. Their opinions mean a lot to me and they are often my samplers of new recipes. I even had them sample the Coconut Agar-agar dessert and they came up with the name “Coconut Dream Dessert”. I think I like this name for the dessert!

My Coconut Dream Dessert will be coming pretty soon – just as soon as I perfect it. But in the meantime, look out for my next recipe of Besan Ki Roti, which is a gluten free flat bread. I truly enjoy putting in my own twists and variations to recipes to create something new and unique. Until next time….

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5 thoughts on “Working on Few New Recipes

  1. Hey i really love to cook but i not good at cooking can help me . I love to cook sweets but i don’t know to use food products from which i can prepare Bengali sweets. I saw your blogs really nice and with full of information really i learnt lot from your blog and please write some recipe to do Bengali sweets

  2. I was so excited reading of your new Coconut Dream Dessert. I love Coconut but it is very hard to find the natural, shredded with no preservatives = all have metabisulfite in it = when I am in Florida; and I just do not take time to crack coconuts to make my own.

    I buy only the Telephone Brand Agar-Agar = from Thailand, It is wonderful and costs around $1.50 for 8 ounces at the HUGE = 1st Oriental Supermarket, Orlando, Fl. Which is approx. 60 miles West. It is well worth the trip for great foods from all over Asia and SE Asia. You can see on their website that the store was a Home Depot; so it has everything you need in one place. Extremely priced right and even with gas costs I save over $75.00 shopping there or more each time. The workers are so nice that it is unbelievable and almost unheard of now-a-days.

    BUT I must have recipes also to make my desserts. So I cannot wait till you get your Coconut Dream Dessert listed. I only use Coconut Milk or Rice Milk anyway.

    Please experiment and come up with more Vegan or Vegetarian Desserts using Agar-Agar. Thanks. I am sure you know that Agar-Agar sits up without being refrigerated.

    In Anchorage, Alaska there are so many Great Asian Markets due to the large Asian population in Alaska = that I have no problems finding any Asian foods, fresh vegetables, teas, etc.

    I have subscribed to your YouTube Channel for a couple of years now and have loved watching you cooking. Again, love the recipes although I have not had time to make more than a couple. I just printed out your recipe on this site for the Iced Coffee and will make it later on today. Love my Coffee

    One more thing, I am going to give this website URL to my Pharmacist, who is from India, vegetarian and a very good man and strict to his religion which beliefs sounds like yours. I keep trying to get him to start selling Spices from India and the wonderful Chandrika soap I love so much.

    Lastly, I read where you asked readers, etc. to forgive you if you offended anyone, etc. and I actually gasped because there is no way I would ever believe that you ever offended anyone coming to your sites or anywhere. Also, I am so happy that you had such an enjoyable vacation with family. That is the most important thing in life = family. Bless you and your husband and family. Thank you for listening.

  3. I’m surprised to hear that you managed to make some thing with Agar Agar that went like a brick when I used it many years ago the opposite was true so its clear that I wasn’t using enough. I rarely eat anything sweet these days having be addicted to candy before I went Vegan twenty or more years ago but your Coconut Dream Dessert may well tempted me.

  4. I will look forward to seeing your Coconut Dream dessert Manjula. Now I need to find out about getting some agar-agar… and here I thought I’d bought all the spices I needed! Thank you, in advance, for your web site. I love it.

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