Why I Am Late For New Videos

It has been a while since I have posted a video. I am getting over a bad cold that I’ve had for  few days. My husband (my video grapher and person responsible putting every thing together) is quite busy this week. He will be available this weekend, so I will make sure to take a video this weekend.I will suggest to my friends, students in my class and every body else how to take care of a cold by using home remedies. But when I get a cold, I become very careless and don’t follow my own remedies, which result in a slow recovery.

Many viewers have questions about making dough, such as how much rolling or kneading to do and why the Roties they make are not soft. Soon I will be preparing a video on Roti again. This video will emphasize making dough, rolling, and provide tips on how to make sure the Roti comes out soft.

For making dough or batter, water measurements given in the recipes must be used as guidelines only. I think it is impossible to give the exact measurement of water because there are many factors that change how much water is needed. The brand of flour you are using, how the flour was milled, and how old the flour is are just some of the things that can change the amount of water you need. Just remember it is very important to get the right softness of dough and the dough must be kneaded enough. That helps to roll the roti or paratha and after cooking stays soft

My granddaughter loves to help me in kitchen she loves to roll the roti; she does a great job. The first time I was just amazed to see how good she rolled, but you know why she did so good — she was not worrying about making a mistake. I am telling you this to maybe help in your own cooking; just try and maybe they won’t be perfectly round but who cares. When my granddaughter rolls roti, we consider her rotis pieces of art and of course her Dadu (grandfather) just loves eating them. Roties rolled by her just taste so much better.

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22 thoughts on “Why I Am Late For New Videos

  1. Hello. Sometimes colds take longer than others to get rid of but I hope you are felling much better, please take care of yourself. My family and I have enjoyed many of your recipes. Your husband does a great job with the videos and written instructions.

    Most of all, you are a wonderful calm, peaceful teacher and you give clear instructions. If I lived in your area, I would attend every cooking class you give, but I live in North Carolina. I love watching your videos and I am so excited: anxiously waiting each new one to come out. It gives me a pleasant treasure to look forward to. May God Bless you and your family. I appreciate you!


  2. Namaste Manjula Ji,
    I am really thankful to you for putting such great recipes, explained in such an easier and nicer way on the web (you always remind me of my mother). I have hardly done any cooking before in my life, but when I got engaged I had to come across the fact that I “had” to cook, and the scarier thing was that my fiance loves food and Indian dishes. So as a budding cook and pure vegetarian (no garlic no onion) it was so difficult for me to find recipes. What the most I could do was ask my sister and mother over the phone for recipes (I live in New Zealand and my family is in India). But it didn’t help much, because I like demonstration for things. But when I found your videos, I was on the seventh heaven. I tried almost all of your dishes and they turned out very yummy. Now my fiance is so happy, and he is every time inviting our devotee friends (we are Hare Krishna devotees) for a lunch or dinner, and everyone is appreciating my dishes and cooking skill (credit goes to you). I always recommend your website to everyone, you have saved my life. Now I am a confident cook, I have lost the fear of kitchen, I cook and bake everyday, and it’s all because of you.

    Thanks thanks thanks a million,
    May Shri Krishna bestow his blessing on you and your family,
    I invite you to NZ, whenever you come here please inform me
    Thanks again
    Hari Bol

  3. Hello auntie, I have been scanning your recipes and have tried a few as well. I am staying in UK and recently I had scores of guests visiting us including chinese guests from my husband’s office during the summer holidays. I prepared quite a lot from your list of recipes. Everyone relished and I feel so happy now. This is because I never thought I will ever cook so well.:) My journey from…I will never enter the kitchen to what new recipe should I cook today has been possible only because of you. Cooking is no more a taxing and boring job to me.
    Thank you to you.

  4. hello aunty,
    hope u r doing well, i m your fan,coz u teach gud recipes with very easy ingredients v get in the shops.one small
    request,can u teach how to make apple pie with ingredients which wil b available in chennai city supermarekts.coz i
    watched one video related to it but i could not get the ingredients nearby,so pls help me aunty,coz i m newly married and
    my husband is very fond of apple pies.waiting hopefully.thank u and take care aunty.

  5. Thank you so much aunti you help much with your videos I thank you for all your insight and wisdom. Whenever you can post is appreciated you are helping people learn thank you again.

  6. hi, manjula, love yr videos. Although I am a chinese, I love to eat roti parathas.
    May I know the shredder that is seen in yr vege parathas, is it avail in S’pore? If yes, where can I get one pls?

  7. hello manjula aunty.. its a pleasure for newly weds like me to watch your video.. i have learned a lot through them. its been a long time, i havent seen any new videos from you. i hope your cold is better now. waiting for new recipes.

  8. Hi manjula,
    Thanks a lot for all the receipies…..
    I am a student and staying away from home…..(and hence am eating bad food that i am cooking)
    Your videos have helped a lot…….I like the detail step by step explanation which is really helpful to people who are new to cooking

  9. Hi Manjulaji:
    Sorry to hear about your cold. I hope you feel well very soon.
    Please convey my adore to your lovely granddaughter; I am sure the roti rolled by her tastes heavenly.
    Best wishes for my favourite cook!!!!

  10. Hello, I am sorry to hear that you are ill. Hope you are feeling better by now. I love your website and plan on making an entire Indian meal soon. Thank you for this.

  11. Hi manjula ji ,a big thank from the bottom of my heart as i tried so many of yr recipes and all were too good (credit goes to you only).your way of making is so simple yet diffrent.May god bless you for your simplicity and the great social work you are doing .A big thank to your husband also for his efforts.regds

  12. Hi Manjulaji
    Thanks for your website and great recipes. I came across your website searching for chana masala and now a regular visitor. I live in Australia and miss my family in India. But I must admit that when I look at you cooking I miss my mum. She looks exactly like you.Your recipes are very simple yet delicious. Get well soon and keep up the good work.And also the good wishes for your daughter-in-laws delivery.

  13. Hello Manjula Auntiji,

    Great Website and Recipes. I have so far tried Besan Ladoos, Green Beans and Peas subji and Aloo paranthas. They were so tasty and delicious.

    Can you let me know which brand of cast iron tava you have been using for roasting rotis? Can I get it in San Diego?

  14. Hello, Manjula. Thank you for your site. Your recipes look delicious and your videos are great. I think I will make the cabbage pizza later today. I’ve heard of Indian Pizza restaurants, but there are none around here, so having this fusion on your site is an aid to those of us who don’t go out to eat. Thanks again.

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