No butter in butter paneer masala?

Another frequently asked question is why do I call this recipe Butter Paneer Masala when I don’t use any butter in this recipe. Personally, I call this recipe Paneer Masala. I have had lots of requests for Butter Paneer Masala, so I researched this recipe and discovered that butter isn’t used. My recipe uses yogurt instead of cream to “butter up” the paneer. Also you can add blended cashews to “butter up” the paneer. I feel better and healthier using yogurt.

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2 thoughts on “No butter in butter paneer masala?

  1. Hello Ma’am,
    I am a first timer (cook)…I stepped into the kitchen for the first time…and I tried out paneer butter masala….and believe me it turned out awesome…thankyou soo much my parents loved it… 🙂

  2. Hi Mra Manjula ..
    My son loves to have rabri..i need a simple fast & easy recipe to make rabri .. i do make it frequently but it its time consuming … i wish u could help me out in this ..
    thank s alott BTW i have tried most of ur recipes n all are excellent..thanks alot ..Hope you can help in tis Rabri recpe

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