My Thoughts for Air Fryer

After giving it much thought, I finally decided to get an air fryer. I checked out many of them and eventually decided to get the Air Fryer Convection Toaster Oven: it includes a toaster, oven, and air fryer all in one. Another reason I decided to buy this one is to save kitchen countertop space. I replaced the toaster oven with this air fryer. So far, I am enjoying it. As a toaster oven, it does a better job than any toaster or toaster oven I have used. I am very happy with the oven feature: it is big enough to bake a cake, small batches of cookies, and a medium size pizza. I don’t do much baking, but I have started baking more because the air fryer is easy to use and needs less time to bake it preheats in 2-3 minutes easily. It is also easy to clean.

When using it as an air fryer (the reason I purchased this new gadget), it so far has not produced very satisfactory results except in grilling vegetables, tofu, paneer, and roasting nuts. I also use this to dry roast poha (flat rice) and makhana (fox nuts) half the way and then finish roasting in a frying pan, which saves some time but more importantly because for both things you need constant stirring which becomes too much for my shoulder. I do make both items very often. I have tried making French fries, pakora, samosa, katchori, and salteen crackers. If you eat these items as soon as they come out from the air fryer, they taste just okay, in my opinion. Also, using the air fryer did not save any time and the items lost the flavor. One of my friends suggested she liked heating the frozen snacks like samosas, katchories. I decided to try this; I got frozen samosa and katchories from the grocery store, and yes they came out good when I heated them. The question is why I needed the Air Fryer for that since I could have done the same in the toaster oven or in a conventional oven. 

I am looking for help and suggestions. If you have any vegetarian recipe you were happy with, I will try and do the recipe. 

I will like you to share your suggestions. Thanks!

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3 thoughts on “My Thoughts for Air Fryer

  1. I think that the air fryer’s best use is reheating fried foods (try homemade since the store bought items you tried were not very good) – they taste like new, like you just pulled them out of the fryer! Also, I love making healthy French fries in its – cut potatoes into French fry shape, soak in cold water for 20 minutes. Dry really well, toss in a little oil + salt + cayenne, cook at 380 for about 15 min (depends on the thickness of how you cut them). Oh, and word to the wise…don’t try to make homemade donuts in an air fryer…probably my biggest air fryer fail!

  2. Thank you for your personal review, relative to the use and satisfaction of the
    air fryer. I have one and after the initial tryouts – it now just sits, unused on one
    the kitchen countertops, taking up room. I have friends whoare vegan (I’m vegetarian)
    and the duo think it’s fabulous (?) … I am back to my ‘old way(s) ~ as they say
    “to each, his own” …. I have been following you since you began your youtube
    sessions. It was akin to having a close family member walk me thru many of the
    recipes with hints/tips galore – I gained confidence and expertise because of you.
    Aside from Mexican cuisine – the cuisine(s) of India rank side-by-side.
    Signing off with deep admiration, I remain sincerely Yours Mia Ibanez.

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