Manjula’s Kitchen e-book: Best of Indian Vegetarian Recipes

Manjula's Kitchen: Best of Indian Vegetarian Recipe (2nd_Edition)

Best of Indian Vegetarian Recipes SECOND EDITION is now available for purchase

You’ve watched all of the videos and followed all of Manjula’s time tested Recipes on the website. Now, you can have the best of Manjula’s Delicious Recipes, all in one book.

This beautiful Second Edition of the ebook is now available in PDF format with updated recipes, full color photos, and embedded links to accompanying videos.

Manjula's Kitchen ebook

I have some exciting news for all of you. Due to your requests that I make a compilation of some of my recipes into an easy-to-reference book, I am excited to let you know that I have published my first book, Manjula’s Kitchen: Best of Indian Vegetarian! It is available on Amazon right now! Here’s a quick link to purchase it:

So why did I do this book? Well the answer is simple: for you the viewers. You all have inspired me in so many ways that I cannot thank you enough! Of course, my husband Alex has been my number one supporter and has been working hard towards getting this book published. My book is a great reference for all of your cooking needs – for both the beginning and experienced cooks. So go to Amazon and check out my new book!

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71 thoughts on “Manjula’s Kitchen e-book: Best of Indian Vegetarian Recipes

  1. Madam,
    I had purchased the second edition ebook from your website recently.Online payment was successful as on 19th Sept 2018 but I haven’t received the ebook yet.
    Please share the ebook.
    I’ve tried a few recipes from your websiteand they came out as the best dishes I’ve looking forward to getting the
    complete ebook.

  2. Hello Manjula Mam , I want to say that I am your big fan . I always followed your recipes with your blogs. You are the true ambassador of Cooking in my sense . Good luck and keep sharing the taste of India to the whole world.

  3. Madam,

    I want to purchase hard copy of your cookery books and not ebooks.
    I like all your recipes which is quite easy to prepare. Kindly help
    me in buying the hard copy of your books.

      1. Ma’am you are a superb chef! It really feels as if one of your own is teaching you how to make all these wonderful dishes.
        Thank you so much for sharing all these yummy dishes ^_^

  4. Mam, all your recipes are very good. The cream cheese sandwiches looked mouth watering. Am definitely going to try the recipe. Can u please share a recipe of moti choor ladoo??
    Would be thankful if u accept my request.


  5. Whenever I find time I look at your recepies and listen to video presentation. I really enjoy. I have cooked many item and my family like them. Thank you.

  6. Mam, I’ve tried many of ur recipes. They came out very well. Mam, why don’t u give some weight reducing recipes & also recipes using millets.

  7. Hello Manjulaji,

    Happy New Year to you and your family 🙂
    I have learned lots of new recipes from your links…thanks a million 🙂

    Yesterday, I made sandesh after watching your video, It was delicious. I have a question how long can I store this sandesh in fridge? Can I store in shelf as well?

    Also, How long can I store the homemade panner in fridge?

  8. Dear Manjula, for years I have been cooking according to your excellent recipes, and I just now bought your ebook just because you deserved it that people give a contribution. That is what I feel.
    So thank you, and have a good start in 2015.

  9. Hello Manjula Jain,

    I am afghan but I love ur Indian cooking, thank u for teaching me so many things. I love ur cooking style because it is all delicious and fast

  10. I recently decided to start eating healthy because I wasn’t feeling well physically, I was having serious swelling in my ankles and I am overweight. My problem is that the only healthy food I like is Indian food and I don’t live or work near and Indian food restaurants. So I decided to try some Indian recipes and I came across your website. I started cooking my own Indian food and both me and my husband have enjoyed it tremendously. I have never eaten so much vegetables in my life! I bought the E-book too. In 3 weeks I lost 15 pounds, the swelling is gone and I feel so much better. Thank you and keep those recipes coming!

  11. Hi Manjula, I love checking your site but I noticed your “free news letter” column is over riding your recipies. When I try to get a recipie, I cannot see all of it because the “free news letter” is blocking it. Can you please fix?



  12. Hello Manjula,

    I had not seen your recipes until yesterday when we ran across one in a Google search.

    This week we made y0ur Cauliflower Pickle. What a delightful, light and flavorful dish! So tasty and beautiful. Perfect for spring time. And I so appreciate the precise measurements, times and methods that you provide. No guesswork at all.

    Thank you so much for your lovely pickle recipe. We have made it a permanent addition to our home recipe book. We’ll go to Amazon and purchase your e-Book this weekend. Looking forward to making the next of your recipes.

    All the best from Dallas, Texas

  13. hi manjulaji

    i love your recipes.

    i saw your video about samosa pinwheel recipe, i have one question can i freeze them? i want to give them to my kids for school lunch.



  14. Mataji, so happy to see you write a book. I have learned so much from watching your videos. Buying your book will help to compensate you for your efforts.

  15. Hello Manjula.
    I congratulate you for your e book. I watch and follow quite a few of your recipes. you are a excellent cook and make everything look simple . GOOD LUCK TO YOU.
    Thanks a lot for the videos.
    Thanks again.

  16. Hello Manjulaji,

    I watch and follow quite a few of your recipes. What once seemed a tough task now seems really simple to try out with your videos.
    Even my husband has started to try out his hand in cooking after watching your videos.
    Many thanks again.

  17. I LOVE YOUR RECIPES!!! I love that you do Indian comfort food…. I mix a lot with my hands and love that you cook this way.,,, GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!

    love the new haircut!!!!

  18. Hi Aunty,
    I am a big fan of u and ur recipes…i really enjoy the way u explain the things.just feels like someone at home telling you the recipe…u make even the toughest recipe look simple…CONGRATS ON THR NEW BOOK.

    loads of love

  19. Hello Manjula. I am writing from Argentina and I congratulate you for your e book. I always make your recipes and I encourage you to continue to delight all your followers. good luck!, Greetings from Argentia

  20. Hi Aunty,

    Congratulations for your book. It’ll be a great gift for all the women like me who loves to learn and cook new dishes. I have been following your recipes since last month…they are fantastic. Easy and simple. Veg Pasta was delicious…and easy to cook.
    Thanks a lot for the videos which clears every doubt.

    Thanks again.

  21. I do like the recipes you have., but now I have a Macbook, and cannot get You tube. so it would be wonderful if I could get your recipes again..
    Apparently Mac products cannot see the videos any more.. love the work you put into making the videos.. Thank you , mary

    1. As a power mac user, I still get all my youtube videos. I just don’t use Safari – move over to Google Chrome and you’ll be much happier and much safer. Al

      1. I also have a Mac and have never had any difficulty getting any videos I want – youtube or vimeo or wherever. Suggest you take your computer to a Mac “genius” bar.

  22. Hi aunty,

    congrats for the book. I have been following your recipes for sometime now. you are a excellent cook and make everything look simple . The way you explain make us think even we can do cook.

    thank you


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