Making of Milk Cake

One of my favorites sweet is called Milk Cake. This is an exotic and traditional dessert. Milk Cake is made with a few ingredients: milk, sugar and lightly flavored with cardamom. With so few ingredients it sounds like an easy recipe. There are many short cuts that I have tried for this recipe but none of them work to my satisfaction. One good thing about Milk Cake is that the ingredients should be easily available where ever you are.

I was quite happy with my original recipe, as it tastes great but it doesn’t have the right color. Milk Cake has three color sections: the top third is a creamy color, the bottom third is a light brown color, and the center is darker than the bottom. In the market the cake is about 3 to 4 inch thick so it can be sliced as cake. Normally, I will only make the cake an inch thick since I am not preparing it in large quantities. Alex for first time is saying that I should forget about the color and let’s shoot the video. In mean time, I found a recipe on Google which looked really good because it has solution to the color problem. I tried the recipe but it didn’t work. I want to give it one more try as I hope it will work.

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  1. After making milk cake put it a stainless container (old fashioned Roti Dabba) 4-5 inch thick layer and very hot, and then keep it warm. As it cools the outer layers cool first and the inner layers while cooling are still cooking and get browner than the outer layers. That way the outer layers stay lighter while inner layers become darker in color.
    Always enjoyed your site

  2. Milk cake reminds me of my childhood days….every Sunday morning, my dad used to bring home from a neighborhood sweet and farsan mart – Khaman, Patra, Samosa, Fafda-Jalebi and Milk Cake. We sisters would hog up on it…and Mom would be making special Sunday meal, which we would consume in smaller (namesake) quantity since we were so full with all these goodies.

    Never thought Milk cake can be made at home. Eagerly waiting to see and try your recipe.

  3. Dear Manjulaji,
    Though I am not an expert cook like you, I probably may know the solution for the color problem that you are facing. The reason why the cake is all white is because you are making it only 1″ thick. In thicker cakes, the top portion retains creamy color as it gets in touch with the atmosphere and cools down faster. The middle will be darker since here the heat is retained for longer compared to the bottom and the top – it will continue cooking and will change the color even though it is no longer on the stove top. The bottom will be darker than the top layer because it is not in direct contact with atmosphere and not that much heat will be dissipated.
    Hence the solution even if you are making only 1/3 quantity is to pour it in a taller container with smaller base, instead of using a wide bottom pan.

    This is typically how it works while making the southern delicacy Mysore pak.

    Hope this works!

    1. Vidhya,
      Thank you, you have a good suggestion, after reading your comment I made the cake again. I double the recipe so I can make thicker cake. It was better but not good enough. So I will do the video soon.

  4. Manjulaji, nice to hear from your news… Here in Brazil we have Milk Cake, but they are prepared with flour and eggs. As I am vegetarian and allergic with gluten I can not use the same recipe. So, I am really curious about yours endevour in showing us the next new recipe… all the best, cecilia Have a Happy Spring Season!

  5. Hari Om Manjulaji,
    I make milk cake as per my mother’s receipe.
    Ingredients are-
    1/2 lit milk
    1 cup sugar
    1 table spoon butter.

    Boil milk and sugar together stirring constantly and add butter when the mixture thickens, pour into a greesed thali and cut to pieces when little cool.
    Tastes good but the colour dosen’t change beyond light brown.

  6. Milk cake? I’ve never heard of it, but it sure sounds delicious! I await the video with great anticipation of being able to make one… as easily and successfully I’ve been able to enjoy making the other goodies I’ve learned about from you (Idlis are the latest delicious things we’ve been enjoying!)

  7. Hello Aunty ji,

    Have seen a lot of ur videos n tried some recipes, my kid is a great fan of ur videos; sometimes seeing ur video she would stop being cranky… Thanx for sharing ur experience. Im waiting for the video of milk cake; the taste and the ease of making which u show us.

  8. Milk cakes reminds me of my childhood aunty….my nana owns many sweet shps and he always use to bring freshly made sweets for kids while retuning home like kunda,Barfis and milk cake is one of them….then my continued to make those sweets home…u refreshed my happy memories..thanks…
    U r a master cook urself..hoping to c the video soon…

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