Gift Ideas for upcoming Diwali (2016)

Diwali is fast-approaching and I have already begun my preparations! This time of year is full of parties, fun, and celebration. So why not bring a homemade gift to the next party? Homemade gifts are truly special in that they show you really put some thought and care into it. Some ideas for simple homemade gifts are:

Masala Puri

Masala Puri (Spicy Crackers) Recipe by Manjula

Chiroti (Khaja)

Chiroti (Khaja) Recipe by Manjula

Date and Nut Ladoo

Date and Nut Ladoo (Healthy Indian Candy) Recipe by Manjula

Atta Ka Ladoo

Atta Ka Ladoo Recipe by Manjula

Rava Ladoo

Rava Ladoo Recipe by Manjula

Spicy Cashews

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