Getting the royal treatment!

As you know, we have continued with our vacation to India. We have been here for almost two weeks and are having the time of our lives! With so much family, it is getting hard to decide just who to spend time with! That is a good problem to have. We have spent the days sitting and talking; and of course laughing. Both Alex and I are enjoying getting pampered and catered to. Alex is meeting many family members after a long time.

I have enjoyed eating here in India as everyone has made the dishes they know are favorites of mine. I have to say food in India has changed. It has become very cosmopolitan and a mix of different types of food – some would say fusion. I have to say I am old-fashioned and still enjoy the food from my childhood. In fact my nieces and nephews laugh and tell me to change with the times!

I have talked to many local chefs during my trip. However, I have learned a lot from my sisters and sister-in-law as they are excellent cooks. I prefer their cooking style as it is the food I have grown up with

Our next stop is Banaras, which is also known Varanasi. After that, we plan on visiting Jaipur Rajasthan.

Until then!

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7 thoughts on “Getting the royal treatment!

  1. Hi Manjulaji

    Whenever I have learn something new I get help from Manjula’s kitchen.

    You are an inspiration to every woman, particularly, Indian women-may it be working women OR Home maker, young, old and all! We can relate to your passion in vegetarian cooking. The most important part that I think is worth sharing is this:

    You have taken the normal vegetarian Indian cooking ( that every Indian family is required to do at home, as a part of our routine culture) to the universe by

    1. Consistently posting your Videos.
    2. Giving enormous amount of time, without expecting any instant gratification.
    3. integrating family life with technology and making a difference by being your authentic self!

    Withe best wishes for a great trip and happy and healthy life!

  2. Hello Manjula ji,I and my husband both love to cook and eat delicious food and we love your videos a lot.This is first time I saw your blog and start reading and I loved it so much that i could not stop myself from reading and went through the whole blog.It has been one year that I got married and shifted to Canada and I felt emotionally very connected with your blog and emotions too.
    Keep writing and blogging.

    We love and respect you.

    Enjoy your India trip.

    1. Dear Manjula..

      Enjoy your time in India.. If possible also try visiting the Swaminarayan Akshardham in Delhi.. The temple is magnificant but the food court is also great…


      Love your website and now your blog..


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