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The end of March brings the celebration of two of my favorite holidays. Holi is on March 27th and Easter is on March 30th. I look forward to these holidays as I traditionally spend them with my grandkids.

Holi, also known as the festival of colors, is celebrated with great enthusiasm by farmers. Holi is also known as harvest time. It is the time of year when adults become kids and celebrate with neighbors, friends and family. Adults and children celebrate this holiday by playing with colored powder by putting it on each other. Some get very enthusiastic and use color water! On Holi, snacks are offered and a special drink known as Thandai (milk and almond drink) is offered. I will be making Besan Para and Mathri to satisfy savory cravings. I will also be making Gujia and Besan Burfi to satisfy sweet cravings.

I also enjoy celebrating Easter. My grandkids come over and both Alex and I have the kids participate in an Easter egg hunt. I also love making colorful Easter baskets for my grandkids. The Easter egg hunt is a big hit with our grandkids and the house is filled with their joy and laughter. After the Easter egg hunt, we enjoy a nice brunch. I will come up with the menu just keeping the kids in mind. It’s a fun time for the entire family!

I hope everyone enjoys these upcoming holidays as much as I do. Happy Holi and Happy Easter everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Fun with Family

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  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes. I am new to this site and have only cooked Aloo Dum so far. It was loved by my entire family, even my youngest who is our pickiest eater. I am looking forward to cooking breads next. I hope your holidays were wonderful.
    All the best,

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