Contest 2012 June

The theme of this month’s contest is sandwiches. The contest will end on June 20th, so please remember to submit early. The specific rules for June are the following:

  • Any type of sandwich using any type of bread – Indian flatbreads or regular sandwich breads.
  • It must be vegetarian and also egg-less.
  • Please submit only ONE recipe.
  • Please see my Grilled Tofu, Falafel, and Finger sandwiches for examples.

In general I will only consider recipes that I feel are complete in regards to ingredients, measurement, and instruction. From there I am looking for creativity and a recipe that my viewers would enjoy to prepare on their own. I will be judging on overall recipe and presentation also.

Below is my checklist:

  • Be Creative!
  • Ingredients should be listed with measurements.
  • Method must be explained clearly, so it’s easy to follow.
  • Please include your name along with the recipe (as you would like it to appear).
  • Search the web for ideas. There are many resources available.
  • Please send me a detailed recipe to
  • You must also send original picture(s) of the recipe – do not simply grab a photo from the web. Otherwise your recipe will not be considered for entry.
  • The deadline is June 20th.
  • The winner will be featured on the homepage with the new recipe and a link to their website (if available).

1st Prize: $100 gift certificate from
2nd Prize: $25 gift certificate from

**Anyone can join this contest**

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3 thoughts on “Contest 2012 June

  1. Hi mam’,

    Is the last date 20 June 12:00 GMT?
    I’m in India n just came across the contest. can I submit it by end of the day 20th june as per US time?
    Thanks in advance!


  2. All I can say is WOW, so many recipes at one place with so many varieties & options. I should really tell you people have really worked hard for this.

  3. ok,this is our family favorite,an yes I know it sounds weird but oh so good,,my little grandchildren love it

    Peanut Butter an Sliced Dill Pickle Sandwiches

    I buy the pickles already sliced an put in frig an then lather on the peanut butter on both sides of bread an then just layer the pickles,I do put them on a papertowel to get some of the moisuture out so the sandwich wont be soggy,,an done an the kids love it!

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