Contest 2011 January Winners

It was really nice to see so many entries this month and it was great for me to see many creative ideas for plating dishes. The contest is now over – The top final winners are below. Thank you everyone for participating.

For anyone just visiting this page for the first time, this contest is about presentation only – the recipes are all created by Manjula (Corn Bruschetta, Chum Chum, Nan Khatai, Eggless Pineapple Cake, Pan Bhaji) and can be all found on this site.

1st Place: Asha Krishnan’s presentation of Pav Bhaji
2nd Place: Vijaya Laxmi’s presentation of Corn Bruscetta
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I would like to very much thank the other participants this month:

  • Polona Kuzman
  • Neeha Jacob
  • Krishnaveni
  • Nithya Raghunath
  • Mumta Solanki
  • Samir Pandurangi
  • Srilakshmi Arun
  • Saveena
  • Shweta S. Patel
  • Nuleen
  • Shanu Nigam
  • swarnendu Das
  • Konika Narang
  • Nidhi Patel
  • Manasa Nagaraj
  • Archana Pradeep
  • Bhamathy
  • Reshmi Mahesh
  • John Bellville
  • Vidhya Jayadeep
  • Anusha Birlangi
  • Smruti Jain
  • Sadhana
  • Mansi
  • Julie Veith
  • Fred Doty
  • Suchitra
  • Noopur Srivastava
  • Jeannette McDermott

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16 thoughts on “Contest 2011 January Winners

  1. The chum chum deserved to be a winner. I feel voting is not the best way to give a reward to the deserved.Ayeesha I had voted for you. Not knowing anyone personally I did go through all the entries.Your creativity was really are the real winner !:) all the best and God bless

  2. Well done Ayeesha! Your Chum-Chum looks great. It is quiet innovative. You have not only represented the Chum-Chums in a beautiful way but also you have created a beautiful atmosphere around it. You have shown double creativity. I am not satisfied with the voting. Anyways, Great work!

  3. Hi Manjula Aunty…

    I am a big fan of all your recipes…specially Chaats.
    Waiting for the Feb 2011 contest announcement..
    And also would like to know how I can submit my recipes in your ‘User Submitted Recipes’ section?

    1. Rani, you are in luck because Aunty has already done the recipe and video for pav bhaji.

      Look at the list she has on the left side of the screen. Find the one for “Snacks”. Open that up and scroll down and you will find pav bhaji.

  4. Manjula! I love Indian food! I was introduced to it when I lived in England for 7 years and here in Utah it is HARD to find a good Indian restaurant. So I’ve been dusting off my cookbooks and also following your recipes. I had never made paratha before and it is my FAVORITE bread! I followed your video and recipe and it was phenomenal! So easy and quick. So delicious with my chana massala I make on a regular basis (plus I made a chili and garlic rice that is so fresh and tasty!). I will be looking to your site more and more as I’m vegetarian and do not cook with eggs. You are the BEST! Thank you for taking the time to open up your kitchen and heart to this fairly new Indian chef! Take care, Lisa 🙂 xx

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